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  • The best part is that when I click on my five star rating it shows what my additional % bonus is rather than having to figure it out by counting every dollar from a gulp and blow I tap.
  • .....and I just read all twelve pages of this. Dear lord.
  • The people who skip dialogue are the same ones who come on the forum directly after an event starts asking what emblems are and how long it will take them to complete the entire event.
  • I'm not extremely knowledgable on the subject, but how does autism affect whether or not you clear your buildings?
  • No. Not even close. I wouldn't put family guy and Simpsons on the same level. However it is impossible to say it wasn't influenced by Simpsons. Family guy is much more offensive (in mostly an entertaining way) where as Simpsons I'm pretty sure is only PG13 because it endorses alcoholism and/or activities with beer.
  • The farther you zoom out though, its slows down, as i'm sure you've noticed. If you zoomed out any further, it would probably be unbearably slow, making it just as fast as scrolling at reg speed when closer.
  • Totally agree. And the daily tasks (with actual big amounts of emblems to be earned) make me actually interested in playing. Something that TSTO hasn't done for me in a long time.
  • Its a very cool building. Its unique, and it fits with the stonecutter theme. So if you got the donuts i'd say buy.
  • This is a glitch that has been in the game for 6 months or so. It happens all the time. For me its iron bars that often get changed into hank scorpio or Brockman.
  • Chill guys - EA will fix it shortly. They always do. Besides, friends give you such an insignificant amount of emblems anyway. You won't notice the difference.
  • Not necessarily. One of my daily prophecies was to send someone there.
  • I'm pretty sure TSTO came out first, the show is just copying the ideas of the game :wink:
  • Nothing personal - but you aren't really considered a "premium player" if you have one premium character. To answer your question, I think the pyramid was super cool, and it does generate emblems for the event. There are much cooler characters than the alien, however if you like the stonecutters and you want to collect…
  • I think the pyramid was too awesome to pass up - as I now need stuff to add the new Egyptian part of my town! I've also been a premium player since day one but I'm not interested in buying donuts anymore. I have more characters than i'll ever need.
  • I'm so bummed. I guess I'll stop sending my characters there. /sarcasm My KL has been a ghost town for ages, for all I know they could have taken this feature out a year ago.
  • This might be one of my favourite posts on this forum since Josh left.
  • I don't know if i'm going to get in trouble for posting a link but here griffintechnology.com /blog/tips-and-tricks/ how-to-clear-your-ipad-cache-cookies-and-history/ Remove the spaces. (im assuming you're on an ios device)
  • There's no guarantee of anything. Redesign your town. For all you know, this "big update" could be a couple skins and a questline.
  • Are you kidding? That's literally five individual updates. This game already struggles with stability problems for most players (myself not included) so you want more land and upgrades in every aspect to the game? How entitled of you.
  • Your fault. if this game meant anything to you, you would know that you risk nothing when it comes to your TSTO machine. ~sarcasm~ Seriously though. That sucks. Sorry to hear.

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