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You really don't want to know this do you? Pm me and read my fb profile if you do


Starke, fl... Or hell depending
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  • Not worried at all that someone might want to live under his bed with an air horn. Buy a new car.
  • If pantu's **** does that neo wants pics... And so do I lol A bunny tail is ok of course.
  • + 2 Though I wonder where the Bart squad is... Posing in their undies in front of the mirror? The anti anti troll squad will be forming shortly, contact jay_kay for info lol Or is it meta anti troll squad?
  • Good luck On a side note I'm surprised the is not already a thread about how many posts he will post after his final one on page one with a betting pool. Shame on all of you. I say 27 lol And again good luck. My sig says it all.
  • Horn broken, watch for finger. Stupid people shouldn't breed Beware of falling car parts I brake for pets but not pedestrians Bonus points for hitting the handicapped I'm winning!
  • What about Lost in oz There is an a hole behind me I was following a yellow brick road but your following somebody following a yellow brick road... Gas, grass, or *... Nobody rides for free. Honk if your stupid DAM... mothers against dyslexia Only users lose drugs Your not a dog so stop sniffing my *
  • It would be the end of the world as you know it. Mass hysteria. Fire and brimstone and marshmallow men falling from the skies, etc.
  • This topic... You asked... If you can read this you are to f ing close Jesus died for our sins, would you just die? My carma ran over your dogma Cthulhu for president, why vote for the lesser evil? Idiots read bumper stickers instead of watching where they are going. Don't like the way I drive? Call 1 800 f* you Yes... I…
  • Depends on the cult. If you want easy brainwashing just follow ACIM's system of iambic pentameter education. I prefer the elder gods myself as they really don't care if you start a cult for them or not.
  • Loaded bug out bag a must. A GPS equipped sat phone could be nice. Sat Internet connection to keep playing tapped out. A m-79. You can hunt lots of things at once and start fires lol.
  • ^ Addicted to blue meth flavored snow cones.
  • Once upon a time back when I was selling pointies I had tons of these... If I find any extra batarangs lying around I'll send you one jay. Great way to destroy a dart board or a Sheetrock wall.
  • Oh yeah. Set your tank up near a window so you can just siphon water out the window and refill the tank using a hose. That will save much labor. Full spectrum bulb is essential and should be replaced once a year even if it still works as it becomes less full spectrum somehow. If you get a float make sure it floats, avoid…
  • Red eared sliders are probably the most popular as they are the most active and entertaining. They will eventually exceed dinner plate size though. You can start them off as babies in a 10 gallon but be prepared to get a 40 gallon breeding tank at some point, followed by a 250 gallon horse watering tub or a jacuzzi…
  • Because they got a real budget eventually.
  • Lies lies and more lies. Depends on the type of turtle you get. Box turtles need only a dish in the tank for water. Aquatics turtles need a dry spot in a water tank to dry and bask. Bog turtles need a 50/50 split. Tortoises are a whole different story with different needs. Turtles will outgrow their tank just fine so plan…
  • I just skipped school. Not that I didn't get hurt while skipping mind you.
  • Nice. I need to do something with my temple like that but without mt Carl and the Springfield sign it just doesn't look right.
  • +1 Not fun summer camp.

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