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  • Have been seeing the same thing as well. Code works and I get the message to look for a follow up email with instructions but that is not arriving. Will wait for the patch. I am getting to the point where I might just abandon the game. I still have the major issue where the tap radius is small and my character icon does…
  • I am at the point where I just wish my character icon worked. It is just so frustrating. Don't even know who to contact anymore.
  • Have been a bit busy of late but yes, I still have the glitch. Same issue for me in that the rollback was offered way later than it stated so I would have lost a lot, as well they were not offering compensation at the time. I have seen the same post saying a fix was available so have been delusionally holding onto that…
  • I find these posts almost scary in the fact that multiple people have the same issue and it truly looks as though EA has decided that they can get more money by ignoring loyal customers. These are the same people who would have bought/installed new games because of the EA logo... Something that used to mean quality... 😔 I…
  • Sorry, hit post by mistake. I have friends who have quit playing because of this issue. I am toughing it out but so fed up with having to scroll through my town or run through town hall to find people. Even worse when they are on the "tap to start" phase.
  • I have been suffering with this issue since February 2018. First offer for a rollback was almost 4 months after. I have friends who
  • Looks like it is fixed now. Great day... No friends in the morning, then all my old friends back at night. 😉 Glad to have them back.
  • Just started an odd issue today; I no longer have any friends towns. They were there yesterday and now this morning I have none. See attached image.
  • I have seen a number of issues today. I no longer have the button to purchase THoH items, tapping causes huge delays... All since I did my friends task and connected with my Facebook account.
  • Game lags and blocks when collecting from buildings. Lost all options to purchase within the game now. I had the mystery boxes available and they are gone now. All this happened right after doing the task for the friends town and then connecting with Facebook.
  • Seeing the same issue. Was fine until the last update and adding my Facebook account.
  • Just started with the same issue yesterday (Saturday the 17 Feb 2018). I will open a ticket but this is really odd bug. I lost tap radius, had all the messages and can't use the character icon. I will check my buildins an SH to see if that is rolled back. Noticed that the monorail has gone back to once a week as well.…
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