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  • red bull might be ditching Renault for 2016 most likely going to run Ferrari engines
  • so many better drivers than verstappen that could drive for Ferrari
  • not really but that's probably because i never wanted the monorail in the game so when it's over i might just store everything will be annoying if they release lyle as a premium although i feel they won't release him at all out of respect to phil hartman if they do bring him back as playable the door is open for lionel…
  • not something i would bother with in my town especially if it has tracks
  • i just used the media creation tool from the windows website that lets you upgrade to windows 10 without waiting i had to change my region in the control panel to US because it didn't work at first but now i'm upgraded and switched the region back to Australia without issue
  • if it was the windows icon in the system tray asking you to reserve the download that's Microsoft i don't think you get a email with a link it updates thru your computer and notify's you when it's ready to install (not sure on that one i forced the update after googling how to do it but i'm pretty certain it's not a email)
  • haven't heard of any viruses besides scam emails where people pretend to be Microsoft and offer the download which is a virus that apparently encrypts your files and demands a payment to unlock it
  • it's EA they are notorious for rushing things out and fixing them later
  • i hope it happens to Mercedes a few more times this year :-) Vettel is only 42 points behind Hamilton now
  • people still watch wwe? never got the appeal of fake wrestling where the winner is selected before it even begins
  • i don't like it either i usually only play once or twice a day (if even that) and like using 12-24 hour tasks it's a chore for me to play anymore than that
  • lots of threads about this recently which shows just how much people want this feature don't get the people opposed to it if it was added you don't have to use it sorry but it's stupid to be opposed to a feature many people want especially when you are not forced to use it
  • the DLC expansion packs apparently will be 30 hours of extra story (10 for the first one 20 the second) that's as long as the Witcher 2 been a long time since i've seen a game make a expansion like that
  • the family guy game wipes the floor with tapped out when it comes to the audio they even have voiced celebrity characters
  • around $50-$60 won't spend anymore than that because i think it's ridiculous to spend so much money on a mobile phone game that's just tapping and waiting i don't even buy many video games these days unless they have a multiplayer or a lengthy single player with replayability
  • looked at the videos it just looks exactly the same as the other 3 games so i might not bother with it until it's heavily discounted every review i've watched of it said the batmobile part was overdone and unnecessary
  • you just leave it to rot and go back to it if you ever want to play again done that a few times now when i get over the chore of setting up tasks
  • over a year it's a waste of time visiting it no point collecting tickets because 200k for the 20000 or whatever tickets isn't worth it when i can set them tasks in Springfield that makes a lot more money only won sideshow you once out of the hundreds of visits so i stopped bothering
  • Williams shot themselves in the foot with the strategy for the race also their chassis doesn't have much downforce it's great for straight line speed but not corners and is probably horrible in the rain which could explain why they lost so much time it's a shame especially with how great massa's start was yes although i'm…
  • it has to be profitable for them to continue charging such ridiculous prices for premium items otherwise they wouldn't charge 80-300 donuts for items plenty of suckers willing to pay

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