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  • Tbh, it's not like I'm doing anything else with my money. And if I want to change it up later I'll have the stuff. Or Make a seagull magnet with be sections covered in whatever.
  • It's hard enough to track down the playables mixed in with the random wanderers (Aztec guy, etc). I'm on a phone and it makes it a bit crazy to find small guys like Martin and Rod in a hurry. I don't need a crowd of idiots wandering in for kicks n giggles.
  • I don't know about you guys, but most of my friend list consists of players who are level 32. Most of those that are not seem to be because they have stopped playing. It happens, it's a game. I have started weeding out players who are no longer progressing or active. If you haven't been on in a couple of months, you've…
  • Ooh oooh!! I'm not even in the UK and this excites me. Should be able to catch it online in the states. Top Gear is one of my favorite shows.
  • There have been so many complaints in the past about updates/ quest lines/ holiday events that went by too fast. EA responded by making a much longer term project. I must admit it is a bit frustrating not really having space to do anything yet , but it'll get there in due time. In the meantime it gives me incentive to play…
  • Personally I'm excited about the prospect and challenge. At some point after you max out levels and bonus round donuts are the highlight of your goals it's fun to have a longer running goal. The dialogue with updates and level quests is fun and spices stuff up.
  • Tbh, if you have maxed out the levels the only advantage to a higher % that I see is faster bonus level donuts. If you play regularly you should be able to collect enough money to make it through the next level release by the time it rolls out. Just work towards the town you like.
  • Personally, I found some great neighbors. Some I already had and some new ones. I worked hard to get there and some days were quite difficult. But it's hard if you don't buy anything and don't have good friends. I'm glad that there are good people out there. If you're sitting on eggs just share them. They don't help you…
  • I'll add you, there are eggs to spare
  • Sometimes I horde for a couple of days before I drop a few days worth at once. It speeds up the off days and doesn't take any more time on the days I drop a dozen or a few. It also means if you haven't picked up your last batch of eggs, there is no real excuse beyond you don't want to participate any longer/at all.
  • I was just thinking about this earlier. I was thinking of helping to boost those that are in range of the end. I've just cleared the 10k mark myself and should be able to clear 12.5k with the same level of effort. But I've stopped dropping in towns that are no longer collecting eggs and towns with the hotel. I'm focusing…
  • I like my half egg buddy. I still leave a few for all my friends, that comes first. Then I leave her however many eggs and it may not be an equitable return, but she leaves what she can. I'm higher level presumably with more friends and definitely more snakes. I remember starting during Halloween and struggling to get…
    in - Reply by bananabailey April 2013
  • No extra premiums, no major egg buddies, 100 friends, no alternate accounts, and I'm still on track for the motel. Yes, it's finals week, last week was project/paper week, and I still have a social life. It is doable, just cuts way into any of your downtime. Or those few minutes between real life tasks.
  • I have a number of friends who have "dead" towns where there has been no changes for quite some time but it says they've logged in to origin today. I'm talking about level 10 games that have had no progress in a month. On the other hand I have friends who allegedly haven't played this month but are level 28 with Fat Tony's…
  • I've gotten replies from them 3 times over various issues with game play. I have heard that they are running 1-2 weeks behind due to the influx of problems due to wacking day. Sorry about your luck.
  • It's touch and go for me with these quests (don't have Texan, broke college student) but I find it times out their quests if I go to wack snakes. So I just let the snakes accumulate in town and visit friends towns for that hour.
  • I get discouraging grinders with massive house farms who level multiple times a day. That has to be a drain on ea and the servers. It frequently crashed my game to visit them as friends. It was my impression that the item cap was meant to stop that. It took me about 5-6 days playing fairly actively to level before (my…
  • I leave a handful of eggs for everyone who is collecting their eggs. I try to leave a few extra for those that are truly active and not maxed out. So basically if the eggs are still in the same pattern I left them in the day before, no eggs for you. If you have in the couple-several grand stage, extra for you. If when I…
  • That and it is a recent rerelease. Some of the limited time decorations might return in time, but for now just tell you how long someone has been playing the game. If I see Halloween stuff I know it's been at least since October and earlier if I see the race car. I see fewer of the race cars in my friends list now because…
  • Thinking the motel and gentlemen's club need to be side by side for that touch of mafia sleeze...
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