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  • 38676 pies but I only had 1 day off for a holiday, Outside of that I've been on every 2 hours of the day and visited Most friends every day, what am I doing wrong?! Plenty of time though, aiming for 2 days....
  • I just got rid of some deserters, daily player since day 1, total addict during events :-) - Bazerio
  • I would assume 2 of the 3 prizes at the end would be Bartman and radioactive man?
  • Thank you very much Neuroheart, I was under the impression that Kirk and Milhouse were voiced by the same person and voices were taken from the show and not especially for the game. Bit of a shame as these are beloved characters and a lot of money goes into the game but it is what it is! I'm assuming you've probably…
  • he's in I would guess at least 85% of all episodes has been a central character in countless stories and his DAD has a voice, what gives? Everyone loves milhouse!
  • I'm more concerned by the catastrophic battery drain on my Xperia Z1, the nature of the tasks means I have to check in multiple and at inconvenient times and 20% is gone in no time
  • If those targets are for the end of the day, I'm on but it's a bit much! Should build momentum with more elves etc but this is taking all day everyday! 9780 presents so far...
  • Please add me, bazerio daily player since day 1 :-)
  • Same here, there's no way I could have possibly put more effort in, bar getting up at 2 in the morning for a third round of trick or treating
  • 3519 ray guns, I have the grand pumpkin but finding chocolate bars hard to come by compared to the others....
  • Theres a teleporter you can buy that sends you from one place to another on your town and a drive in movie theatre that actually plays movies and comes with the green Blob character, today has been expensive
  • What about the alien eggs, how do you get them without going to the store? I've squashed a lot of aliens and visited a lot of towns but can't seem to earn any?
  • I Skipped on to to alien splattting already! Bazerio needs competition on his leaderboard!
  • Try upgrading your a castles using elixer a few more levels. Cardboard walls need boxing ham palace upgraded and so on
  • I'm now totally hooked to this event after being a tad confused, I'm close to unlocking the elixir package so feeling confident about passing the event in good time. I'm getting a lot out of using 1 nerd per house and 5 or so per castle.
  • Mopurglar, that's the first time that I've seen then building, it looks epic! I think I'll slowly save for it without depriving myself of little eccentricities on the way.
  • I didn't even realise you could earn donuts this way till today, but I'll be going through all my neighbours everyday from now on! I thought my 2 donuts in 3 towns was good going!
  • I don't think I have enough houses and / or it's the setting characters of on 24 hour tasks only... I pull in about 200-250k a day i think, that's with what I consider a fair amount of money invested in premium characters. I figured something is wrong anyway. I do really want the restaurant but not spending anything for an…
  • Only xp back? Yuck! I've over invested in land a bit, it looks like shops and a whole lot more houses might be a smarter option so the 10 million is a bit easier to save for at a later date, it looks like after 2 years of effort I still haven't grasped how to invest so huge amounts of cash keeps rolling in!
  • Thanks guys, I just keep wandering what else I could buy, 4.2 million so far is burning a hole in my pocket, if it's 600 a day reward and it doesn't look that great I'll be less than impressed!
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