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  • Your exactly right. How dare we get locked out and complain about it because all of us odviously did something to deserve it. For example, to celebrate my little girls first day of summer I let her play "find Maggie" and rope some bandits for me. That is what we were doing when this glitch occurred and it started leveling…
  • It's pretty sad when I don't even know how to post on a message board. So, I was on lunch earlier playing and things were fine. It downloaded the update and when it logged in all my characters were walking black boxes. I built the googleplex, got duffland, and wise guy. I had to go back to work so I rushed the building of…
  • If this gets posted twice I apologize. My other didn't show up. So, here I am on this site again. I got an email on 3-16 saying they have an answer to my problem since I posted. I have yet to find it. Unlike a lot of you visiting towns isn't that much of a problem. It's when I have to assign a bunch of tasks to my…
  • It seems like they aren't equipped to handle kitkat well. That's what most of us have in common. Maybe when kitkat is more available to the other carriers they will work on fixing it. I have a Nexus 4 running KitKat. My husband and daughter just have cheap RCA tablets and it works great on theirs. EA please look into the…
  • I am level 30 and have just been playing since December. I play several times a day and visit my friends every 24 hours. blondie198187
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