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  • I spend the donuts to get characters that have tasks. (I stay away from the Funzos!) So even though the price seems high I'll do it. After all, ALL the content is priced too high.
  • You can't. Some "social" game, eh? ;)
  • My most surreal moment was waking up from a dream where I was helping a Revit (BIM/3D modeling software) user with a model issue involving gravity pipe and the building she was connecting the pipe to was King Toot's. The same isometric King Toot's from this game.
  • They just merge on top of each other. It's not like they are side-by-side similar to the mayor and Miss Springfield.
  • I'll be the first to admit that I have atrocious spelling. If it wasn't for spellcheck I'd probably still be working at Wendy's, flipping burgers. I don't think I ever made it to the 2nd round in a spelling bee, unlike some folks on this thread. ;-) However, I have noticed in the current 20-something set an appalling lack…
  • Another Tim Powers fan! I have reread Anubis Gates more times than I can count! I just got done rereading Julian May's Pliocene Saga/Galactic Milieu series. That series is my all-time favorite. New book that I just got done reading, and loved, Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon.
  • LMAO, I may have been stretching my example. ;-)
  • LOL, I doubt it's a "small cult of hackers". Piracy, hacking, and cheats are rampant in the industry. P.S. $3.55?! Yikes. $3.35 in my area. ;-)
  • Obviously you are not a programmer earning your living from the code you write. You might have a different perspective then. Granted, the content is overpriced, IMHO. However, if you don't want to pay for expensive graphics, then don't. But don't steal the living from programmers trying to keep food on the table. BTW, I'm…
  • I would have to agree. The OP is certainly an outlier, hitting boundary conditions in the code. I have the most generators out of all of my friends so I thought 9 was a lot. I cannot imagine spending over $100 on just generators. Even to make an "authentic" forest. (What forest has you tripping over snakes every 5 steps?)…
  • How many generators do you have? I've got 9 and I don't have any trouble on my iOS devices.
  • You have to be careful if you play on multiple devices too. I had it set on my iPad and found out by accident that it wasn't set on my iPhone (groan). There have also been reports by some users that it gets reset after updates are rolled out. So be wise and check every so often.
  • I never never had to wait tables, but I appreciate the work you do. That's why I'm always a 20% tipper, unless the service (but only the service! I know when it's the cook's fault) really sucks.
  • The single best thing to do is to find the buildings with the slowest recharge times that have a payout ready and select those. This usually results in a faster recharge for the neighbor and has no ill effect on you. The previous person replying mentioned some examples. Near the bottom of the list is doing graffiti. It has…
  • I got to nearly 35K. I got that many simply because I was helping my neighbors with my egg production.
  • Seriously? You are bothered that you were short by 150 snakes *after* the event was extended by a week? Sorry, but that's just poor planning and execution. There's no reason you couldn't have generated 150 snakes or accelerated the hotel before the stated deadline. (Ok, maybe accelerating would be a bad idea, given EA's…
  • Sorry folks, that looks like a basketball. Surely you remember the red, welt-raising, hard rubber balls used to abuse kids in the so-called "game" of dodgeball! Happily, the balls used now in dodgeball are the less-painful Nerf-type balls. But I love the idea that it's the ball Skinner has been looking for. ;-)
  • The title of this thread simply cracks me up. Imagining interview with EA: EA: Well, Mr. Bell, this code sample is absolutely stunning in its simplicity and elegance. And our team of QA specialists could not find a single significant bug in your code. Mr Bell: Well, thank you. I appreciate your compliment. EA:…
  • Good point about the animation. I did not consider that. There would be some difficulty for a significant number of buildings. The only time I miss full rotation is on some streets where I want buildings surrounding a park or other feature and facing out from the feature towards the northwest or northeast. I do agree that…
  • It must be a sick compulsion with me. I can't stop whacking. Mom warned me that once I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I hate it that she was so right. And I'm so wrong.
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