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  • Assuming Miss Bouvier will be back next year, I went w/ the Casino. I really like that episode too, so I've been wanting it since passing last year.
  • I'm not getting your problem. It's a tapped out forum, so it makes sense people would post about Tapped Out here. Starting this thread is acceptable...not everyone's devices get the updates in real time or at the same time. Checking this forum and thread specifically allowed me to see if anyone else had an update that…
  • I thought the French Waiter was more of a 'must-have' than the Princess, and for 50 donuts I fired away. I wouldn't say he's a bad character, but the quest line is VERY short. Still funny to see him clumsily stumbling around my town.
  • No, that's not what's happening. The gift bags are essentially prize wheels, so it's up to chance. I have gotten everything so far but it's been down to the last day for each phase. I've only crafted single items (no duplicates), and have a lot of premium content (extra characters) so I get more treat bags. As a…
  • I have a lot of premium content (extra characters) and have BARELY gotten all the Halloween stuff (down to the last day for both phases). I check my town 3-4 times a day. I have two friends who are daily players (twice a day) and have some premium content. NEITHER can get all the Halloween stuff, and both are pretty mad…
  • I can't even get UFO's to shoot down. Many friends and now 7+ ammo. No UFO's. Scrolling through multiple towns multiple times a day. So, no donuts for me.
  • These complaint threads are getting agonizing to read. This game is free if you want limited content only. If you want to enjoy the full game, you need to buy donuts. This isn't rocket science. This game requires the user to actually play it. If you want the Halloween content, you will need to check in on your town 2-3…
  • Halloween won't come today. **** MAY get erased today. My prediction is **** is erased today, w/ a mini Episode Tie In (those may actually happen tomorrow). Halloween next Tuesday.
  • No update this week. Episode Tie in next week. Halloween mid October will be a mini event this year
  • Why is it unlikely? I'd say it's very likely, depending on how long this game lasts. I mean, we got Database a few weeks ago.
  • Building haven't been transferable to KL ...yet. I could def see them updating this in the future to allow **** items to be moved. The Valentines Decorations were't originally available in KL, but a later update allowed it. As an above poster pointed out; buildings generate money so the update would need to account for…
  • I'm loving the update. Many don't understand, that the creators of this game need to keep longevity in mind. If they do everything people here want immediately, than ideas will run thin and the game will die. 90% of you won't keep playing this for more than a few months, so I appreciate that this years updates are lending…
  • This happened to me last night. 180 days in she birthed Dubya. He showed up mysteriously about 30 minutes later. The obvious conclusion is he's there, you just can't find him.
  • I contacted EA on Tuesday to see if my double Ferris Wheel mystery box was a glitch. I haven't heard back. I asked to have it switched with something else.
  • The ring came off my pudding can
  • This is the most obvious and easiest update that could happen. Rail tracks will lay the same way as road and pavement. We'll have to buy them individually just like the Squidport Tiles, w/ gradual increases in the price of tracks. Throw in a free building/character combo w/ a couple premium items. Unlock the Homer…
  • It's something to do w/ switching between devices. I use my iPhone and iPad interchangeably, and ended up w/ (3) Money Pools and (2) Anvil Mountains. The game only lets you place one, so my inventory has those items which also cannot be sold. The fix for this issue is to visit a friend town, visit another friend town then…
  • To anyone w/ limited donuts or only wanting to get one or two items; get Otto. Otto comes w/ the bus, is relatively cheap for character/building combo, and most of his tasks are outdoors w/ fun animation.
  • I would wait on the Volcano Lair. I would bet anything that Ole Gil will show up and offer it w/ something else on discount. 200 is WAY too much for it, and I'd guess it doesn't get a lot of interest. It is the thing I want most in this game, and I keep holding out for a discount!
  • I'm at 5 million and have all in-game money items (all land as well). They should add a few more REALLY expensive items like the Zirconia. It would at least give more incentive to keep tapping. I understand they're frugal w/ Donuts, so even something like 1 million dollars for 10 donuts would be fine with me. I guess my…
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