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  • I wish they would just allow us to do both the end of Act II and Act II by the end of the event. Instead of capping Act II in a few days. It has been difficult for those of us than do not have the option of logging in during the work day.
  • I see what you are saying about the graphic difference. I can see the details like the lines on his hands and around his head and eyes in the first pic, but not the 2nd one. It's like the game used to be in HD, but it's not anymore. Maybe they need to do this to increase the size of the towns. If they can increase the item…
  • Bump Thanks for posting and clarifying this for me. I just bought Ladybot and hopefully that will make up for not doing 4-5 visits per day everyday for me.
  • Ok, thanks for all the replies, my friends. I appreciate all the input, it has helped me to clear up all the questions I had. I am going to buy Ladybot for sure. And I mis spoke earlier because it comes with the Future-Proofed Home, not the Future Home, just to clarify. So not a event prize track. But I was confused on…
  • It is still working for me. I mean, in the actual task bar list, it shows completed, and so I cannot use that as a short cut. I have to manually find Homer and scroll to his 2 hour task and select it to still visit the brown house and earn chronos. I know you're a long term player and pretty sharp, but have your double…
  • Does anyone know how many robot parts per hour Digi-Ben earns? If you had to choose between digi-Ben and Ladybot, which would you choose I already own Frink, so I have the option of purchasing Ladybot with the Future House for only 100 donuts, discount return thing on this either.
  • Wow I just got this in time. I stored Hawking, and then stored Homer. But I can't stop the Alternate Homer's. So now I need to decide which I would like to repeat more, Homer's task or Hawking's task. But sooo glad I was able to catch this. And if the tip about Future Bart's quest is true, then I am still only on part 2 of…
  • Should have read this post much sooner, ie crafting. I maxed out my demos because it was a required task on the task bar, d'oh! And it is not possible for me to do more than 3 visits per day on certain days with work. I wish there was a premium item you could purchase that generated robot parts.
  • I agree with you. I do not own Frank Grimes and have not purchased the Future Maggie and Stadium. I am behind and doubt I will make it to Skinner. I think those premium add ons make quite a difference. I was wondering, if anyone has just tried to tap anomalies only while visiting friends? I just settle for when they happen…
  • Do you know if we miss 1 week and then still finish, if we'll get the 2nd tunnel next week? I hope so.
  • seconded, lol. But I like corny jokes.
  • I really like your design!
  • +1, lol @ your screen name as well.
  • That's what I was thinking. So why? Could someone be assuming you use the same password for other accounts, and trying to gain access to as many of your account as possible?
  • Thank you, I appreciate the response. I figured that it would work that way, but you never know with the game. I may try to get Bart and Furious D, like the poster above, I have most of the tap ball skins.
  • Is that the only way now? If so, wow, may be a bummer for new players. I am assuming this change with the tire fire giving ribbons is a satirical reflection of the current Olympics and their controversial preparations. Or maybe because so much rubber does actually come from Brazil? I was also wondering if anyone has…
  • So I am able to purchase a Mystery Box, even though I already own some of the prizes that are listed as possibilities, like Tennis Marge for example. I guess that just means I can't win that prize? Also, are the items in the mystery box available otherwise currently? I can't find them, and assume they are not. But always…
  • I knew Krustyland was racist.
  • lol I like it! He is kinda shady it seems :)
  • Yeah, I made a post on this when I noticed on the first day it was re activated like this. I like the extra bonus from having it before. Finally paying back the long term players for their dedication.

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