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  • Many,many, many thanks to all of you who helped me understand this game. Now that I know what to do i have to admit it should be easy from now on. I know it's too late for act 1 but hoping I will make a speedy recovery with act 2. I have to confess …
  • It's possible I'm not moving very fast because according to the other forum list, I don't have all the characters, the only ones I have are apu, moe, snake, bart, Cletus, marge, homer and gummy joe. Which all pay out axes and badges. I also have chi…
  • Subject: Wild West stats I have 19479 badges, 29472 axes, 84 hats and 518 guns. I'm not sure how many badges I get every day. I do the list of actions with apu, marge, homer and all them. I clear all the bandits everytime I play and clear the store …
  • I am tapping, clearing the store and also added a friend. I log in every 4 hours or less. Doing jobs to create items and everything else that's is available until it's no longer available. Still not getting very far in a decent amount of time to com…
  • Same problem. I tapped him twice yesterday and can't find him again. The first two times he appeared I tapped him four or five times before he went way and so did the notification that he was roaming around. Kinda confused now as the notification is…
  • I have the same problem. Mine is the lady with the bright green pants.
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