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  • Hey!! I just copied what was on the website. Like I said this is just poking fun not being mean. Truthfully I grew up with the Mets as my favorite team because they did their spring training in my hometown and we didn't get a team till I moved away. Darryl Strawberry and Darryl Boston are still my fav players of all time.…
  • So I just saw this trivia question on MLB.com. What were the results in the three previous World Series meetings between the Cardinals and Red Sox? A: 1946: *. Louis won, 4-3 1967: *. Louis won, 4-3 2004: Boston won, 4-0 Just sayin'. :lol:
  • Series starts tomorrow. Let's hope the Cards can kick some B-town ****!! :wink: Just so no one gets the wrong message this is good natured ribbing I don't want to start a fight. :D
  • Sorry I was wrong the first time This one is right: Ranger "Ned" :D
  • If you can answer this I'll be your best friend :D "I gave you my mind blindly" "You try my patience, make your choice" :?:
  • Got my prize as soon as the counter stopped. :D :lol:
  • I just checked and the last notification I received was Sept 26th and then right after I checked settings and my email guess what?? Like 3 notifications came thru so I guess they are starting to work. Maybe the server is being overloaded with the Halloween thing going on and it can't keep up with so many replies??????…
  • Here's another thing to remember for all the "nay-sayers" out there. Most people work during the week and play the game more often on the weekends. We may see bigger jumps thru the weekend due to this reason, therefore getting us as a community closer to the goal. I figure after the first full 7 days we should have a…
  • Ok so the starter drink is called a Tasty Treat its 3 1/2 parts rumplemintz and 1/2 part hot damn ( big shot) we say it tastes like "Christmas in your mouth." Then the follow up drinks are bomb pop mind erasers. They are layered like a bomb pop Popsicle and taste like one too :). Those are served in a 16 oz glass with two…
  • I knew we were neighbors for a reason. I have 2 mini schnauzers and a bischon. Gonna have a Great Dane soon too. Just waiting for the house to be finished. :D
  • This is the first add me thread that I have ever been interested in enough to comment on. This was a great idea Stile99. I know I'm in the same time zone but maybe we could still be friends ;). I'm a level 35 player with both Squidport and Krustyland, some premium items and always trying to redecorate. User name: brenjes…
  • Here is a link to YouTube for the Pok?Rap http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=njYB2meovaw&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DnjYB2meovaw Hopefully it works.
  • Ooo ooo oooo!!! Do a rap like the Pok?mon Rap from the '90's :D
  • Mine was also just as bad last night. I wonder if there were server issues on the IOS platform. I know if I would quit the game, close it out on my iPad and go back in my neighbors would show back up randomly but it was a pain in the rear to do that continuously so I only got about half of my neighbors done. I'm not having…
  • Da Lou, STL. 'Merica GO CARDS!!!!! :-D
  • Thanks for all the answers everyone!! It's def helped knowing if I accidentally hit one someone won't be ticked at me. :lol:
  • Me Too!! Any chance you are near water?? They have flying roaches in Fl called palmetto bugs and when I moved to Missouri no one understood till I showed them how they sound like small planes dive bombing you! You will definitely have a fear of them when they dive bomb your head! :?
  • 1602 wins. :D :thumbup: :thumbup: :lol:
  • WOW!! With as talented as some of you are I really hope you actually make real money doing stuff like this for a living. Some of the 3D images that I've seen are brilliant. I thought I was doing good when it only took me a few hours to figure out how to make a 3D hedge when I saw one at a neighbors one day. :wink: Again…
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