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  • Thanks for the advice! I will get the Grand Pumpkin. It is from one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror stories :)
  • I often play in doctors offices while waiting for the doctor. As you can imagine I get a lot of playtime in having a chronic illness... I play in the bathroom also...but I guess that is normal, what would we do without mobile devices... I can't imagine just going to the bathroom when I go to the bathroom. :D
  • I have also been playing since October of 2012. I love how long I have been playing, I have some rare buildings that aren't available anymore. I love this game! Anyone that needs more friends is welcome to add me... Buster2369
  • Awesome! A few weeks ago I got a mystery box with 30 donuts. It was the best thing ever, especially since I have been playing since October 2012 and the best box I got was a lemon tree. The only premium item I have is the Cracker Factory. I finally saved up 240 donuts but I don't know what to get next....
  • Anyone who can get past level 6 is awesome! I seriously can't get past that. I want to delete the app, but I know I can't get it again...
  • I live in New York. When I go on vacation, I usually don't go too far. I travel up to the Adirondack mountains in Lake Placid. My parents have a condo in Montreal, Canada too so I often go there for holiday. I would like to someday to travel to Europe and other awesome places... for now I will travel to other virtual…
  • This is amazing! Moe would be there when Barney came around with his plow. I love it! :D
  • I work from home mainly. But I have an illness that prevents me from going into the workforce. Yes there are many distractions, so you need a quiet place to work. I think it's great, because days I am not feeling great I can still work. I would say it depends on your personality. Run the numbers to see if it would be worth…
  • Thanks for all the recommendations! I will check out all of these shows :)
  • You all have some great ideas... I love this one. I hope this happens in a future update!
  • I seriously love this! I want to go shopping there in real life! Thank you! :)
  • <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/andria2369/11830184386/" ><img src="http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3831/11830184386_dea1c11c42.jpg" ></a> I got this awesome sweater. As you can tell I am a big fan of the Simpsons. I also got some sweatpants with all of the Simpsons characters on it. I got a new TV, and a lot of items…
  • I love the gulp and blow next to the mall! It really looks like a part of it. I may just have to steal this idea :)
  • I like my town a lot even though there are like no premium items in it. I set it up like a town I would live in personally. I have a lot of roads and a lot of parks and benches. I also set some of it up like the actual Simpsons town. I had to put my Moe's tavern next to king toots.
  • Thank you :thumbup:
  • Great Screenshot! :thumbup:
  • Well the good news about this is that she can only make 5 more songs. Then she'll run out of material.
  • I can't get through the holiday season without watching Elf, Home Alone, It's a wonderful life, Bad Santa, and many more cheesy Christmas movies.
  • I love my free mobile games! I play hay day, song pop, millionaire, sims free play, dice with buddies, scramble with friends, what's the phrase, cut the rope and many others. If anyone plays these games and has a Game Center account feel free to add me at Andi2369. I could always use more neighbors :)
  • I have watched way too many TV series to list so I'll list the ones I am currently watching or my favorites... Obviously The Simpsons, Futurama, Six feet Under, Misfits, American Horror Story(all of them), New Girl, 30 Rock, Law and Order:SVU. I also watch too many rabbit videos and parody videos on YouTube. I have never…

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