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  • Cadaverzero Looking to replace non-active friends Play every day but might not hit every friend every day Lots of houses in my level 39 Springfield so FP and eggs are a guarantee on visits. Thanks! Also blue eggs are my common color
  • With you all. I click on the first things I see mostly. I moved some of my graffiti buildings to the landing spot gonna move the rest and krusty land. I've found most people don't go to kl so it's a good go to if it is visible.
  • Shouldn't matter at all with the updated friend's Springfield selection screen came out shortly after krusty land. Try this: Tap on their krusty land to go to their krusty land, tap on their Springfield or squid port to go to their springfield. Works for both my android and my iPad, should be universal.
  • Collect goo like crazy. Every 2000 after the 10000 prize will earn a bonus where you can win up to 3. One can also appear randomly when you pop a ghost or haunt/unhaunt a building. You can also get a bonus when you fill the xp bar after the level cap.
  • Not what I wanted to see in this post. Boo to all. Was looking for info on update as I blasted through it accidentally. Btw. Complaining about not getting land expansions after they released $1000000 worth of land at the start of the Halloween update 3 week as ago just seems silly. Fishing.
  • Yeah... Mine Doubled plus a little. Wondering why. Is it based on % bonuses? Land gain? Combination? Or a glitch? Surprised me for sure!
  • I think now that patty and Selma are finally in the game the field is open. Maggie and Gil appear, in my opinion, appropriately. Troy McClure would be great. Doesn't blinky come up in the river periodically? It's been a while, there's little insentive to have a river in the game other than the 1hr job. I'd like to see…
  • 4hr jobs for Ralph and farm agreed! I recently posted as a wish list item for Cletus's truck as a vehicle bringing with it a 4hr job just the same as the channel 6 news van. That would be awesome. A premium adding 2 percent bonus plus a good value 4hr job available... Perhaps raising/delivering pigs or chickens?
  • My game has crashed the majority of the time when I try to load the scratcher... And worse now, so I don't try. Loss for for sure. works on my android but not my iPad. Lately, on iPad, it crashes randomly in Springfield and every time I tried sideshow you until I gave up. Perhaps it's my iPad generation or a bug? A…
  • The walkthrough forum above says it's a 1% chance for 5 donuts During game. 5 donuts after 300 games.
  • -I think the DMV with Patti and Selma is long overdue. -A 4hr job for Cletus's Farm would also be nice... especially if it came like the 4hr job in channel 6 news (40 donuts for Cletus's truck that gives 2% bonus and the 4hr job that rewards the same $ and xp as the 8hr job. The channel 6 news van is my favorite premium…
  • I too have a barrel that re-appears. I have only recently started messing with it and did get a donut after a few clean ups. When I visit friends I return to clean it up inbetween friends. That's about all the time I wish to waste during my day on it. But it is awesome that it will give a donut on chance! I'm wondering if…
  • I too have gotten a second lemon tree. I believe I opened that mystery box while in Krusty Land, perhaps that has something to do with the issue. I read the percentages of likelyhood of recieving these items somewhere that said you get donuts instead if you already have items you can only have one of. Maybe it isn't…
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