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  • I've grown it a couple of times. I like not having to bother about checking Cletus's and I do like the payout at the end, even though I don't really need the money... Also, I think everyone should try it at least once, just to say you did it :mrgreen:
  • I don't have a general rule, usually it's about 2-3 weeks but I don't really check that often. Since I myself have taken longer breaks from this game, especially this summer, I usually allow my neighbours to do the same. I don't keep 100 neighbours all the time and I'm not that fussy about anyone deleting me, that's their…
  • I really hope you feel better soon, Sherry!!
  • Agreed! I haven't felt the need to use a single donut in this TSTO update so far, whereas I'm constantly bombarded with new items that are avaliable for clams in FG. Needless to say, I'm not really enjoying TQFS atm.
  • Yes, you do, and it's always appreciated, neighborino! :wink:
  • Thanks guys, found it! Of course it's under the decorations menu, how could I not realize that? As I said before, I feel sooo stupid! Thanks again :) Neo and bee: Of course, it's so simple! How could I not think of nuking from the very beginning :lol:
  • Weeell... Some are based on word-play, which isn't very easy to translate. And some are based on american phenomenon or products, and can't really be translated into anything that would make any sense. But basically, I agree with you. I hate watching a television show or movie with a badly translated pun or joke, that…
  • At least they would never run out of characters... :wink: To answer your question, OP, probably not. Or at least, I wouldn't be as engaged in the game as I am now...
  • Sorry, this is of topic, but... Are you kidding? This whole event has been cramed full high priced items! It just seemed like a shameless money grab to me in the end. Anyway, on topic... I don't think they will extend the event, but if a lot of people are asking for an extension, I don't mind if they do. And even if they…
  • It does seem to be two of the building. At first I too thought he had something hidden behind them as stated above, but then I saw that the buildings seem to be repeating themselves at the edges... Most obvious is the two Cocoa Beans at the top right hand of the Ah Fudge factory, but you can also see the two domes on the…
  • About new content? I give plenty of hee haw! About the US whatcha-call-it? Not so much...
  • In the words of one Homer J. Simpson: Years from now, you'll be so glad you bought that! :mrgreen: Totally agree with you, btw, I have spent my fair share of money on this game, but have aslo been close to quitting it a couple of times... Just because you spend money on something that entertain you for the moment, doesn't…
  • As a geotechnical engineer primarily working with dams, I wholeheartedly support this idea! :mrgreen:
  • Yes, but if you store a character (and building) they will end up in the back of your character list when you take them out again. This is why my Sea Captain is almost last in my list, because I accidentaly stored the house boat a while back.
  • Who controls the British crown?
    in who Reply by cara252 June 2014
  • Not with that attitude! :wink:
  • Thanks :) I totally stole the soccer field idea from someone else, so feel free to steal it. I think I want to do more with the High School though, now it just feels like it sits there without context.
  • It's strange to me that Banana Dictorship is Obedience and not Consumerism. I understand the joke, it's just that we NEED more consumerism buildnings!
  • I actually got the "Sorry for the lag issues" dialogue, so I think I even succeeded in getting the owner an extra 20 donuts :wink: But nevertheless, it shouldn't be happening at all. As you say, some people are really cruel when they find themselves in someone elses town.

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