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  • yup, same here too :( uh I had burns dragon and a random npc creature left as final two (the frog?) and "won" the frog and then I couldn't reopen the box for the dragon. Part of me goes, the only fix would probably be a rollback and considering I've been bloodmobiling to clear boxes,idk if a 15donut character is worth it.
  • @natefarley81 known kindle only issue here: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out/Getting-donuts-when-I-haven-t-purchased-any/td-p/6112978 which is affecting me as well, nothing seems charged past the first purchase of the SVT peasant but every 24 hours I get the purchase successful popup and then 120 new…
  • I'm currently about an hour away from Marge finishing her 4 hour job (end of the beginning pt 2, 1330 pacifiers collected) and my town still has bears and floating money (when I visit it from a feeder town) when I visited someone with 0 pacifiers collected (which I think means they haven't started act 3) they had bears but…
  • even this morning after the update yesterday I was only getting event currency from the first 15-18 neighbors (it definitely stopped by town 20, I was hoping the update would have put us back to 30)
  • from what I posted in the can we all agree to be nice thread: (also thanks AO for setting this up again) summary: I only got event currency from around the first 15-20 neighbors (I hadn't done friend visits since SH part 2 happened but I did drop 5 presents as well (in case that's a factor)-- it definitely wasn't 30…
  • so basic info that I gained from visiting neighbors (I will be nice in all future rounds I just wanted to see what the payouts were like for naughty although I remember thinking I was tapping naughty 5 times and the results it showed me were 4 naughty 1 nice (so maybe the center area isn't calibrated quite right? idk it…
  • everyone on yoga mats. if glass isn't full assign nonyoga characters there if I have enough yoga mats, Skinner&Martin do ad agency things otherwise they tend to go to Skinner bird watching (which I cancel/store that tree once mats restock) and Martin plastics (I don't have any characters beyond Martin unlocked to help) if…
  • It sounds like a great offer but I couldn't buy it (sadface)
  • I just checked, I have Witch Marge on a task at the KwikEMart and I tried to store the cauldron (result:Cauldron stored, witch marge still on task (I bought them last Halloween as a packaged set, if Witch Marge is on the Stirring the pot 12 hour task she'll store if you you store the cauldron but the cauldron doesn't act…
  • the only problem with placing Homer and Marge on the 8 hour task is that you can't easily store a building to free them (yes, you can store Moe's but if you have people tasked there it'll store them as well) Basically I want to keep Homer and Marge accessible so I'd rather default them to their 4 hour jobs (fewer gummies…
  • I had a similar problem with Kwik E Marts (I had to place a KEMart from my storage in order to use the skin in my inventory (I had a KEMart already in the town but I guess it wasn't the original KEM). Once I found which KEM would use the skin, I stored all the ones that wouldn't use the skin (keeping out the skinned one)
  • it works here now that it's after 8am local (my prior post was after 4am local which was 9am GMT) I kind of don't like the staggered start times but it's working now
  • http://i.imgur.com/6uHfxE8.png is a screenshot of what happens when I click on the building tried storing the building, Krustyland and back, friends list and back games crashes when I tap the overlapping pink and blue bar on kindle , didn't have house of evil prior to today
  • friends visits are so slow for me (like two to three times as long)
  • my guess, is that after you upgrade the campfire a new kid can tell a story and that spawns that creature
  • so I dropped 10 formless terrors in my B town from my A town (10 is the limit before you get the your neighbor's town is full message) when I went to clear them out, it was click one, the 2nd would spawn in the same place, repeat basically don't rule out that someone gave you multiple formless terrors (I don't know that…
  • I'm going to wait a bit before I ask for a rollback to see if EA pushes a code fix in an update (since there are so many of us affected (I'm guessing bc people tend to try to do all those tasks at once as a matter of habit), it would be easier to not have to rollback individual towns and just do something that…
  • @blackgryphon9999, did Bart complete the entire task (plus the text pop up after before you sent any kids? because in my third town, the following process worked (basically do everything in super slow motion, don't stack any tasks) place the campfire (in springfield, I didn't test it in SH) and wait for it to build then…
  • in 2 towns, I placed the campfire in Springfield (not SH), town 1 I was a bit slower to send the kids on their accompanying 60s task (because I wasn't anticipating it) and everything worked correctly. In town 2 (same device, kindle fire) I placed the kids on their task faster and Bart didn't register Campfire placement was…
  • I mean I really, really disliked the wheel but every event having crafting kind of makes me long for the wheel (I don't play these type of games to have to do math type calculations that crafting usually requires (or the staggered log ins)
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