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  • The game gets confused when there are too many competing quest lines. At one point, I got a whole bunch of new characters and items at once, and believe it or not, I had over 100 tasks in my task book. The problem with that is that the earlier tasks are outcompeted by unfinished later tasks. It eventually got around most…
  • Thanks, yes, I have a river, and yes, I can dunk the squealer manually, it just does not show as a quest task. Oh, and just now, I tried storing all three characters and then taking them out of storage. It did not change anything. Look at my screencapture. My bug is different from other people's, because it's not that the…
  • I got both, and just think that the wheel is more iconic looking and makes the squid port look complete. Chester is alright, but an otherwise forgettable minor character.
  • Good one, forgot about Troy! ( "you may remember him from such games as NOT this one!") Rwvoltore might be right, maybe both are not in the game because of some voice licensing issue with Phil Hartman's estate.
  • The Mayflower is from the anthology episodes "The Wettest Stories Ever Told". The unfinished shed is from the one about Dr Hibbards brother-in-law. Murderpuss is the robot Homer built in the Battlebot clone episode.
  • Thanks everyone for your input I like to learn from others' mistakes. (Sorry, I had meant to make it a poll originally, but my session timed out. It's a poll now) For me, so far, it was upgrading the IRS building. I was just excited to have another option, but then they kept asking for more upgrades and it doesn't really…
  • My feeling is that the original writers created Springfield Heights as a tongue-in-cheek Tribute to materialism, so I guess The joke's really on us because we can't resist doing the grind. I find it a lot less fun than general Springfield, though, Because there are fewer direct ties to the show and it's all just about land…
  • re-edit: i'm not full, Skinnerama, couldn't add you because you're full Please add me, ceeeceeeceee, daily player
  • My list started out with the stiletto sculpture, this is my first year doing the Black Friday sale. did I come late to it, did I miss out on things that were before the stiletto?
  • Thank you for trying to help. I wish I'd seen this post before calling technical support, because they reset my game progress and still solved nothing! In the end, I waited out the seven hours and it resolved itself, never touching that dog track again unless it's a task! For anyone else having this problem, just wait it…
  • I have to agree with The OP here. Despite the many times I found myself cursing at the screen and dealing with little glitches in the game, or some premium item I could not afford at the time, this game is great for a freemium game! I can't think of many free games you can play to the end without having to pay a dime, that…
  • My experience with technical support was that they were pretty useless as well. Well, useless but polite. The first guy I talked to tried his best, but decided to set the progress of my game back many levels without telling me, then broke off the chat. I spent a lot of time and premium currency trying to get back to the…
  • I played that Mystery box so many times, I ended up getting like six big lard boy donut shops. I went on the TSTO wiki and saw the list for all the things in the revised Mystery boxand realized I already had everything, so I stopped playing it. I am so sick of getting itchy and scratchy signs!
  • I like to clear most of it because it really gets in the way when you're building roads or new business areas, plus there's that bonus of maybe getting an occasional doughnut for the task. I do save a few pieces for decoration around Cletus's farm, nelsons house and the sleep eazy motel, only seems appropriate there. :) I…
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