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  • :D :D Now see, that's what I'm talking about!!
  • So I guess the answer is nothing. EA should've at least had a few lines of dialogue pop up for you when it rolled.
  • Yep, normal payout. The only reason it rolls so quickly is because it's on the expensive side (not that different from RTT).
  • I think we need to look no further than the Sideshow Bob issue to know that dumping callers off to the forum is merely a trick to resolve cases. I personally experienced several reps trying to get rid of me in that way despite others freely admitti…
  • Different discounts for different people happen regularly in this game. Think of every item rebate or bundle of old and new content combined. EA's argument (I assume) is that those who bought the item(s) some time ago have thereby received extra v…
  • @Surfcitygal - That's perfect! Although now it's another reason why I want those roads. I've never seen Stampy go anywhere near my dirt paths
  • @4junk3000 I really like it there. That's pretty similar to what I have in mind. I definitely wouldn't use it often, but it would be nice to have for that occasional need. I just can't believe EA saw the need to limit such a basic game function.
  • @Surfcitygal You're very welcome! I should have the Big Cat Country soon, so I'm anxious to see how dirt looks around that. I just wish I could have a dirt road leading up to it!
  • I'd love to see the stats on how the Stonecutter and Superhero sales went for EA. I know I personally bought either everything or close to everything (definitely all of the characters). I think they'd do quite well if they decided to rerelease mos…
  • Steal away! You know, if you ever can. ;) And to be fair, it's not my idea anyway...I just can't remember which neighbor to credit for having what looked like the very early stages of what I have in mind.
  • True, but I did have a use in mind for them at the zoo...
  • Funny thing is, I'd give up the paths for the roads in a heartbeat so long as I could just keep my Egyptian area all dirt. I only have one true dirt path in my town and it's on a strip where I'm awaiting inspiration for a redesign.
  • Me too, especially after realizing this.
  • @mystery2mi - Makes sense. Thanks for trying to help! I have a bad feeling I'll just have to wait to see if they do a follow-up to Wild West. Until then, my safari entrance and Big Cat Country will have to have dirt road access. :/
  • I agree. My question is, why don't I have the dirt roads with the brown sidewalks? Are they only available to you if you played the Wild West event?
  • Hopefully the second part triggers for you soon! I think you have to wait 24 hours between parts, no matter what.
  • I assume everyone saw the update from LPN, but the % was fixed - back down to 2.5%. I was hoping EA wouldn't notice until the GLS had time to dance among the lion statues, but alas, too good to be true.
  • I read that same point and found it very thoughtful, but then came up with this follow-up thought: Is EA going to continue to add to the size of the free plot in the next two acts? The current plot doesn't cover the entire bonus area by itself and …
  • Oh yeah, I knew that's what you meant. Act 3 in all ways feels like TTT Part 2. :D Too bad we'll probably never see that now. It was a pretty decent event and could've been the catalyst for a lot of returning Wild West content.
  • 100% agreed. Overall, I think EA did a better job with returning NPCs than returning playable characters, but both are lacking. As for new content, I'm trying to reserve judgment until I actually see how it all pieces together in my town but I for…
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