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  • Argh! Another year without the Happy Little Elves ride coming back :(
  • I hope the Happy Little Elves Ride returns. I have a soft spot for Krustyland, would love to add to my amusement park.
  • I am about to throw in the towel. I have been "done" for a long time now, but have kept playing out of habit. At this point I may or may not log in once a day to clear tasks and reset for 24 hours and the last few events I was setting timers to remember to log in during the day. How sad is that - I had to set reminders to…
  • I'm not a completionist by any means, but out of all the stuff I'm missing all I really want is the Happy Little Elves Ride.
  • Change the reset time to like 3am pst or some other set time instead of 24 hours from the last tap would get me to visit more regularly. I really don't go now because I can't be bothered to be on a 24 hour clock. It's easier if I can sit down and do it when I can conveniently fit it in during the day.
  • Highs: Halloween, the Zoo and Itchy & Scratchy land were my favorite. I always loved the look of Krusty Land and it was SO fun to build back when I started, I really enjoyed adding all the I&S stuff to it when it was moved over. It was fun building the zoo with the aquariums they made available. The Black Friday sale with…
  • While I'm disappointed that it's not a full event with crafting and other exciting things happening, I also am relieved that during this busy season it's a mini event format with a quick check-in, reset tasks and go about my day.
  • I put them in that silly out of the way square of land that EA unlocked during the Zoo event. They were mashed into part of SH but now that I've taken them out, I can continue decorating with mansions and other luxury buildings.
  • I would love for them to put crafting or secondary currency back on the list of possible daily challenge prizes.
  • It would be fantastic! I have two sections of the ugly Springfield Heights buildings packed as tightly as I can get them. I'd love for them to disappear.
  • I think the only thing you would probably want to place again is Krusty's Giant Wheel for Princess Penelope. Otherwise I don't see the harm in keeping the rest in storage.
  • Only took me an hour or two because I never expanded my KL after I bought up all the land so it fit super easy. I didn't replace the highway and the parking lot is different - I moved the I&S and Mel/Teeny characters into the park. I bought all the rides I was missing from the KL Mystery Box and I've been expanding…
  • I just started using the area selection tool and then put everything into storage, it will ask you if you want to store it as a group (it keeps your layout, including roads*) or individual which separates it all and tosses things in your regular inventory. *If you click the eyeball on roads/groundcover to shut when you…
  • Ohhhhh so glad I decided to unlock all the land the last few months even though I never redesigned my park. But at the same time, I'm sad to see my little condensed park go, I need to go take some screen shots so I can set it up similar again. Hopefully this means they will be adding KL rides to The Vault.
  • You don’t by chance have a daily challenge he would work for do you?
  • Thank you for this. I was feeling a little behind already. I mean, I know we're only a couple days in but I've usually managed to get the first prize on day one or two the past few events without rushing tasks.
  • Organized except for all the Capitol City stuff from the last mini-Event. I just need to think of something then sit down and design. I haven't bought the last 2 strips of land yet but I still have a few open patches big enough to put everything in with roads and trees. I actually expanded/designed my Christmas area this…
  • I feel like they really just need to get a couple interns in to tag all the stuff from events that hasn't gotten put into sub-categories yet and then developers can implement the changes.
  • I know they have released the station parts in the past during the event as craftables, for donuts, etc. but I wish they would modify the station so we could create the pieces by clicking on the stations. Like how the Great Wall, One Night Stan's, Cheddarbarrel Farm, etc. work. Even if my option for the Krusty Station (and…
  • I started playing during Christmas 2013. But since I had just started, I was coveting the in game cash and didn't want to spare putting money towards the Present Depot. How dumb of a move was that? I had at least 2-3 weeks I could have taken advantage of the event. I think I've bought half of the stuff now for donuts.

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