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  • Donuts! Is there nothing they can't solve?! I had him go off the riding the bronco task three times now. He had about 6 hours left when I read this thread. I sped him up and now he's off to the track with Mr. Burns. I suspect it wasn't the snake whacking that was sending him off task, but the moving of the snake speaker. I…
  • After Valentines ended, my righteousness has been shooting up and down like a ping pong ball. I agree with the other thread that the key is to spray and mop in yours and your neighbors' towns. I'm hoping that the Easter update will stabilize things a bit. If what I've heard is true, you will be leaving or collecting Easter…
  • I like to keep it at 5 million, but buying that magnifying glass knocked me back. I'm slowly working my way up again. I've got $3,758,818 at the moment. :D
  • I've been cashing in hearts for trains when I hit 100 hearts. That gives you 100 XP or thereabouts. Then I sell the train for $1,000. I like the creepy clown train so I already have 10 or so that I plan to keep. Everything else is XP and cash! :D P.S. I had my hearts disappear one night as well. They all came back though.
  • Thanks, Spiff! This is so cool!!! :D I love seeing everyone together!
  • I must say I am so pleased to visit some of the larger friends' towns with no fear of crashing. I can scroll around to my heart's content. The only time I seem to crash when visiting towns is if a character in my own town finishes a task. That seems to kick me out back to my own town to give the character a new job, which…
  • Doh! I've been making a huge grove of heart trees in the bottom left hand corner of my town! Are you saying I should be saving hearts up to buy Ralph?! I thought he was going to cost donuts. It does make sense that they would give him to us on Valentines Day though.
  • If I'm not accepted or declined within a week or so of sending an invite, I will go in and remove pending requests online to keep things clean. Instructions for how to remove pending friends by blocking them can be found under this thread: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9229621.page This tool is also handy for…
  • Here's a great FAQ on all things Valentines. The first page explains everything you need to know about collecting hearts. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9270928.page
  • Out of my 100 friends about 4 or 5 on any given day will not have hearts available and those are the ones I try the cheat on. I have deleted the folks with dead plants on their farms who have been out for a week or more. I have a pretty good list now. I hate to delete towns that have grown along with mine. Those last login…
  • I discovered on the commute home that when the train is going through the tunnel near the Lake Merritt Station, the connection time is particularly slow. This makes it easier to tap the disappearing hearts. So, go down to your basement and try this trick! Nah, it's still a pain in the **** to keep going in and out.…
  • XBL, you seem to be collecting valentines okay in my town because I'm getting hearts from you. I've been able to tap three valentines usually in one visit from you without coming back. I agree the pay out of hearts from visiting other people towns is very low. I'll visit four towns and maybe only get one heart, but then I…
  • The payout is 10 donut trees. Sweet, sweet donut trees. :D
  • Well, I did move the river while she was teasing the ducks. She was in a spot where I couldn't see her, so I deleted some river to stop her task and started it again at a new location. She then did her task for at least a couple of hours and then next time I checked on her she had disappeared. I found her walking around…
  • You and your fist thing! :D
  • Happy VD! This is awesome now that everything is working! I love seeing everyone's town in so much detail! I'm getting hardly any crashing no matter how long I spend in a town and you really get to explore while looking for those valentines. I'm going back multiple times to get all three taps. This is the best now that I'm…
  • I've noticed that it takes a little while once you can finally get into your friends' towns for the valentines to show up. If you don't see any now, just swing by on your next friend visit and check. That's what I've been doing. In the last 15 minutes or so I have been receiving cards in my town (Woohoo!) and they have…
  • Hey, I'm a girl! :D I sent you an invite. I know people on my list have updated, but so far I have only been able to get into Other Springfield. Hopefully that will change tomorrow. Dang. I've logged out and back in and that didn't help either.
  • Permanent Buildings: Escalator to Nowhere - $1,000,000 - can build anytime Popsicle Stick Skyscraper - $2,000,000 - can build anytime In case anyone is wondering, these both take 3 days to build.
  • Holy moly they fixed the brick walls - now everything snaps together nicely! Oh, and I can't visit friends yet either. :D

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