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  • What do the dragons do, anything??
  • So can anybody explain "template town"? Because I will be in the same situation. The game is playable, it just takes forever to find all the characters now.
  • Seeing your towns makes me sad. I've had the bug for weeks now and the update for st pats came through and promptly disappeared, so I can't get any fun stuff
  • They haven't given up entirely, because occasionally I still get daily quests to tap sideshow you. That being said, it sucks to get it because I'm sad because my KL is so cute, I love how it looks.
  • EA's latest suggestion to me was to play the game on someone elses phone. Ummm, if my account has this cancer and it has it on both devices i play on, then why would using a friend's phone fix it?? Warning to people just getting this disease, EA will tell you anything to get your case closed, even if it's not true. They…
  • We, collectively, have been waiting for the promised "patch since May, 2017. Don't hold your breath waiting for it. This is not a "bug" or "glitch" it's more like cancer, because even if they fix it or rollback, they don't "get it all" and it's back again. Some forum members have rolled back 5 times already for the same…
  • I hope whatever was the st pats mini event is fun. I'll never know because I lost that right after starting it. I added that to my case with tech support. Mine's been going on since the start of the last event. Best offer I got was a rollback losing more than a month of progress (and sad to say, real money for donuts) and…
  • There is a fix without a rollback, but no one wants to do it. I've been corresponding for weeks to get mine fixed. Several people lately have said they got it fixed without the rollback. I refuse to lose my donuts, my real cash used for said donuts and the last event. They offered me 20 donuts for my loss if I chose a…
  • I too am a victim to this issue. I opened a ticket, got the standard thanks for contacting us we're looking into this for you email and then it was closed right away. What a great way to boost your "closed cases" count. Back to the drawing board
  • It's absolutely not you. My game is a mess and everytime I play I find something else not working. Check the bugs forum. There is supposedly a fix, but involves talking to a lot of cs reps. I haven't tried calling yet. Good luck!
  • Thank you, I did a search, but wasn't finding it. Much appreciated.
  • Birdman, I feel you. The thread posted is worthless. I too have tried everything. When I do manage to get into the game for mere minutes, I am doing the same thing again and again, like groundhog day. It does not save any progress made. I have tried the links to contact ea direct, but each time I get an this page doesn't…
  • Was just thinking it today. Wished I had roads without sidewalks. I'm from a rural area so dirt roads would be great, especially in my woodsy/**** areas.
  • Thanks! Still waiting for the online chat to load. :)
  • Seeking level 40 plus, daily players. Have a few open slots to fill. Thank you! All slots full. :)
  • Great work everybody. It looks amazing
  • I posted this on another thread too. I would pay a "reasonable" amount of donuts to have the birds and butterflies too. I'm still looking for hidden bunnies
  • I didn't get a choice whether or not to update. I was going in to spend my remaining eggs (and hope to get johnny fiestas) and the download was automatic. Very sad. I still catch myself looking for those hiding bunnies. I do miss the birds and butterflies. I wish they would bring them back. I would pay a "reasonable"…
  • Both valentine's event and easter had a crop to grow. I had just planted corn and ea sped it up and completed it. Was a great way to make a huge amount of cash and experience with little investment.
  • I agree with the comments on this thread. I just to add one more...ea's policy of not being able to sell items won. We are all grinding away desperately trying to get our favorite items and accumulating countless duplicates of fences, egg piles, ponds and the like. Then they tell us you can't have more than 4500 items or…
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