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  • That better have been a joke or you are just being a complete * spoiling things like that.
  • You can, sort of. Just buy and sell loads of weather stations to keep finishing the bonus rounds and get 3 donuts every time. Not really worth it now with the xp target going up by 20% every time you level up, but back when the bonus level xp was capped at 120k, it worked out at roughly a million dollars for 3 donuts if…
  • Well, I kinda always buy all the premium stuff as I must have at least one of everything, so just heard that things from events dissapear after. But if there are buildings that need to be unlocked by earning special event currency, I think it would be worth it to spend donuts to rush finishing them if it looks like you…
  • I always priorities limited time premium stuff to spend my donuts on. All the core stuff will always be available so you can buy them whenever, but once a limited time premium item is gone, odds are, its gone for good. Of I was you, I would make sure I have anything from the yard sale which I like before that ends, then…
  • I built a few megafarms when EA locked the bonus levels at 120k and levelled up twice a day with buying and selling weather stations. That earned me quite a lot of donuts to help fund all the premiums EA has been bringing out. I have scaled back somewhat now, and brought back all the buildings and characters I stuffed in…
  • Growing my first crop as we speak. 85 days to go. Wrt getting donuts from corn, that would be nice, remember when I first started, the first premium building I bought was Lard Lads because for some odd reason, I expected the donut shop to give me donuts. Imagine my disappointment...:(
  • While most of these are hilarious, I really don't like the ones where people are quite obviously seriously hurt. It ceases to be funny for me when that happens.
  • Mine is at 810k, I've pretty much given up on levelling up at this point. Just waiting for the next level so it will be reset to a more sane amount. I do miss the days when the levels were capped at 120k per bonus level every time. Made my donut fortune then with my massive house farms. Ah, good times.
  • Mine are accepting the surrender of planet earth from Quinby while masquerading as our space ant overloads. Edit. Picture fail :(
  • Oh how I longed for such a function. I really hope EA would bring something like this out with squid port because I have the entire waterfront currently set up as luxury seafront gated mansions with lots of decorations and it will be a nightmare to more all that individually and re-set it up elsewhere.
  • Slightly OT, but has anyone else been having game stability issues lately? I've noticed that my game is crashing a lot recently, and every time when I reboot the game, I'm getting server issues which makes me wonder if its the servers issues that are making my game crash since my ipad has been running the game just fine up…
  • I kept mine in storage for ages as well because I just cannot see where it would go, but with the Mafia release, I'm parking mine outside Fat Tony's compound with his limos and it feels about right for a mafia boss to have ridiculous man toys like that so I'm happy now. :)
  • Aww, that's so sweet and thoughtful. With whacking day extended, hopefully she can get more of the prizes if she wants. :)
  • Ripp-off whacking boxes
  • That's still three times more donuts than I got out of 10 boxes.
  • I would be inclined to believe that there might be some rewards for getting 25k snakes, but I really doubt it will be 250 donuts. EA has never ever given anything remotely close to that many donuts out before and I really don't see them starting now.
  • Ha, you could have taken a break and let me cover the whole town with eggs, that would have made for an amusing screenshot. Off to bed now, maybe I'll managed it tomorrow. ;)
  • Ok, just dropped a few hundred. Will drop more once the town is empty again.
  • Damn Neo, adorable kids in need gets me every time. Have her add me (im maxed out on friends so no good for me to add her) and she can have the thousand odd eggs I have. All I ask is that you or her temporarily rearrange her town and create as much free open space as possible, preferably in one place. Dropping a thousand…
  • Having eggs and wanting to give them away is not the issue, the stupendously tedious and time consuming way EA has implemented egg giving is. I would give out far more eggs than I currently do if it didn't take so frigging long to do so.
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