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  • Yes, it is completely possible for people who have been playing for a long time and have lots of in game cash saved up. With 750+ xp bonus and the xp collider I think it cost me around 45 million in game cash to get from 60 to 949 Its been a few months, and my memory is going, so my numbers may be a little off, but its…
  • I usually avoid political discussions on forums, but the one thing I will say is I am more terrified than any other election about either one of these 2 winning. Homer Simpson for President.
  • Blues Brothers?
  • I'll give people $5 off the $20 fee to sit in my back yard and collect pokemon this weekend too. I will even supply over priced hot dogs and hamburgers. And the wildlife in my backyard isn't in any cages or pens.
  • Actually no. as for them talking about how this will get people out to exercise... Any place I pass with large groups of people playing, they all seem to be in decent shape. I have seen very few over weight people chasing pokemon.
  • So far I have hatched three 10k eggs and gotten a Snorlax, Lapras and Jynx.
  • That is only for the Eevee since it is the only Pok?mon that has more than 1 possibility when you evolve it. And yes, it is possible it could be chance also, but if it is still chance, the odds greatly improve since I have not seen any posts on the pokemon forums saying it didn't work, at least the first time. Apparently…
  • Speaking of Eevee, there are 3 different possibilities to get when you evolve them, Vaporeon, jolteon, or Flareon. It is somewhat random which one you will get, but there is a way to choose before you evolve them. I have not heard of this not working, and have tried it a few times myself and it worked every time. before…
  • Sounds like those were 2 kilometer eggs. you can get something decent from a 5 km egg, or the better ones come from the 10 km.
  • I play fair, I waste just as much time playing TSTO as I do playing pokemon go. Does that mean I am an "extra special" type of person? :?
  • Very true that it is hard to level up the more rare ones. As for Gyms, this is my bouncer that I use to guard gyms when I take them over. I got lucky and hatched him from my first 10km egg.
  • Since this is a book recommendation thread, which one should I read next?
  • Almost everybody in the area got him. For some people, they failed to catch him and he ran away so they didn't catch him. But everybody that did catch it has different stats on it, determined by both the players level and a lot of luck.
  • Here's the dragonite I referred to in my last post
  • yes, everyone sees the same pokemon, and everyone is able to catch it, not just one person. I was out for my usual walk around a local lake last night, which has turned into a pokemon hot spot recently. As I was walking past a group of kids, (college aged... to me they are kids), and one of them yelled that a dragonite…
  • Are you sure about that, I have heard of kids choking on monopoly pieces.
  • Two men fell off a cliff Wednesday in San Diego's North County while playing "Pokemon Go," the Encinitas Fire Department confirmed. I guess I am too old, but I just don't get it. Yes, I installed the app and have played it, but how can people get so absorbed in a game is beyond me.

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