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  • Can anybody tell me, if there is storyline or quest line to be done during this update? Or if there is, I keep getting stuck having to repeat having to send 10 kids trick-or-treating, and opening 10 bags for the treats. However I have done both of these tasks at least 10 times now, and it does not let me MoveOn. Is this a…
  • does anybody know what you actually get after completing "SUCKING OUT" quest? the one where you buy an easter box and then place 50 Easter Fences?? Whats the outcome for that quest sideline?
  • Does anybody know that when you are visiting friends in town, if you tap their carrots to collect the eggs, does that mean that the Springfield owner of that town does not get to harvest carrots and receive the bunnies? I only ask because in one of my neighbors towns, I saw he had manually written with hedges telling…
  • Yeah, I lucked out. When I started that task, homer triggered it but since moe was already on it, I only had 23minutes to wait for it. It was a good deal for me!
  • Aaaaaah. See that's where I've been going wrong! I have always cleared the $ sign from above my buildings because I thought it was the best way to free it up for neighbours to tap it for the eggs! From now on I'll be sure to only clear/tap the handshakes..... Even though it will be tough as it has become a habit.
  • Ok, I have always wondered this...but never known. Please help answer this. How do I ensure that there are available buildings for my neighbours to tap? Does the icon for them to be able to tap (example at Easter 2014 is the Blue/Pink eggs on the buildings) have to be left alone by me? I mean... Simply... A brown house or…
  • Awesome.... Day 3 (or are we on 4 already?!?) and not a single basket. This is silly.
  • i just cleaned out a few who haven't played in weeks. I'm happy to be neighbors with highly-active players. User ID: davewoe level 39
  • Didnt last year have the option to buy the skins? Now we have to "win" them on the wheel????? Is that what I'm to understand?
  • I am about 1000 short... any love is greatly appreciated!!! davewoe
  • Hchan07.... No I have an iPhone. Sorry
  • I've added Hchan07 and akuma989 .... Only because when I try "accepting" your request it tells me I can't. So please accept my request to you. Cheers.
  • I'm in also. I'll drop 30 in both your towns, I have the word EGG in the area by my waterfall. Both of you add me, DAVEWOE and I'll accept and start dropping in yours too!
  • AND I PLAY every 1/2 hour!! (or more when I have lots of new activity... .KEEP ME BUSY!)
  • :D :D :D add me too: :D :D :D davewoe
  • Honestly... the level somebody is at doesn't matter. All things considering, we can all only visit each persons "simpsonville" every 24 hours, and each house/shop we touch gives the exact same amount of experience and $$ anyways!! Please add me, yes only level 8... but its not like it matters as I said above. YOU can be on…
  • Since the dawn of time, the best I have achieved has ALWAYS been $500. Whoever was getting the donuts be thankful... I've never seen a donut from this game at all. It's pathetic to be honest. They're losing money at the fact nobody will buy donuts to upgrade. They're over priced, and you're never sure if you're going to…
  • Same problems as the rest of you.... FYI... DO NOT.... DO NOT.... DO NOT.... un-install and try to re-install. That was my error of the day. I thought it was a problem with my iPad so I sure enough figured an un-install then re-install would work. Now it wont load beyond the update screen. It gets to update 2/11 then…
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