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  • How is TF700 not supported when the TF300 is? Are they really that different? I've been extremely happy with both my TF300, the fact that it gets Android updates like Jelly Bean faster than any other Android platform, and TSTO runs great on it. Sorry the higher end tablet is somehow less supported by either Asus or EA.
  • Confirmed. A second scratch-r no longer pops up when the race ends. You had to buy mystery boxes to get Buddhas you could store in your inventory. The odds are about 1 in 200 though of getting a Buddha in a mystery box, so you would have had to spend a lot of time to save up much. If it makes you feel any better, I only…
  • So how good is that lizard at checkers now? ...or has he already mastered checkers and moved on to chess?
  • It appears that your friend is mistaken... How many updates is this now since the scratch-r (and the negative donut glitch) was introduced?
  • It would be utterly **** for them to not add Origin support for Android TSTO. To be clear, the sole purpose of Origin in to span platforms (PC, iOS, Android, Facebook, etc). EA already has a whole host of Android games that support Origin. If EA doesn't bring Origin support to the Android version of TSTO, it is only…
  • My niece is 3 and is more than able to do whatever she wants on an iPad. She was able to use one on her own before she turned 2, and is now able to open netflix and watch movies, download new games, and pretty much everything the average user can do. As for discovering the glitch, anyone who is impatient and taps through…
  • If you're talking about this picture that I posted: ...that was only in response to this picture that you posted (or attempted to anyway): And I only posted it because it was from the same article yours came from... you have to appreciate that kind of irony! :)
  • Nope, that must just be you! :P I have never sped anything up with donuts, and have never crashed when the 2nd scratch-r ticket came up. I just tested on the latest version half an hour ago and had no problem getting two scratch-r tickets like normal. Cost me 3 donuts and everything!
  • But it's NOT fixed. :shock: I had 113 donuts, did the glitch steps and ended up with 110. Unless the fix was either that you won't go negative if you have less than three to start with, or you can't buy items with negative donuts. If the "fixed" it, but it still takes 3 donuts for no reason, add that to the list of ways…
  • Maybe future events should run until EA receives written permission from each and every user for them to end the event. :wink: :P
  • Ironically, this is from the same page as your pic: Edit: The filter censored the link because of the picture's file name. :roll: Trying again...
  • Forced update??? I saw there was an iTunes update for TSTO, so I first launched the game, collected remaining hearts, spent them, and then updated. I was actually thinking how nice it was that the update was optional so people wouldn't lose their hearts!
  • Amazing. I can't believe they would ignore such a huge glitch for so long, especially after it has been posted all over the Internet. I figured it would surely be fixed today, so I "bought" Homer Buddhas until I got one with 150 donuts, and planted/harvested corn until I was about to hit a bonus level. I had 153 donuts…
  • Maybe tomorrow. :) The Android app was released after the valentines event was underway on the iOS version, and it was never added to Android. So the two versions would not be compatible until the valentines event is over. FYI, the Android version number is HIGHER than the iOS version, so expect the versions to match when…
  • The last update ended in the morning (before noon) EST. I lost some coins because I thought I would have the whole day. Plan on it ending in 10-12 hours, and if it lasts longer then that's just bonus.
  • This is pretty much all correct (I omitted the details since EA would probably remove the post at some point). A few details: 1. You will lose 3 doughnuts when you correctly complete this process. If you start with 2, you'll have -1; start with 1, you'll have -2. If you have 3 or more, you just lose your donuts and don't…
  • That part wasn't directed at YOU HammyBaconTime... sorry! :oops: I was just pointing out the ridiculous number of "add me" threads (and off-topic "add me" posts in threads where they don't belong). A lot of people have been BEGGING the moderators to merge those together for the benefit of everyone. They never did, but the…
  • Wow, that didn't take long! Too bad the damage has already been done... :mrgreen:
  • I'm still around, but it's hard to spend as much time here with the new forum. And an actively moderated forum is such a breath of fresh air! EA's main problem is that some of us who are maxed out wanted to keep the game interesting and engaging between updates. With EA banning many of the most active participants, they…

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