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  • I originally thought the racer was released in May or June. I just found out it was late Sept. That means I only missed it by a day or two too. You can bet the first thing I did was buy it. @Simuks0803 I think you get the point. Trust me, the price is ridiculously cheap when you think of the other aspirationals. You can…
  • My guess is that all 3600 $ signs are euros. It depends on how fast you scroll by them if you are able to see them.
  • That's one good part of how they've done repeat events. Have the reintroduced material PLUS new content and new story lines. I'd be disappointed too if it was the same thing repeated. Of course new content really needs to include land. :?
  • If i remember correctly, last year's pace was quite pleasant compared to a few very, very busy events (WD for ex.). It was also a shorter event. This made it more like a level update with a few diverting tasks and some new content. What wasn't to like. Plus it does give new players a chance to get some of the things they…
  • I can't believe this hasn't been deleted.
  • You do know this is a public forum don't you? Whispering doesn't work when we're all lip readers of a sort. I wouldn't worry much. I have at least 4 other neighbours who have similar 'borrowed' designs. I have a few neighbours whose towns are slow to load because of the amount of items in play. Yours isn't very bad really.…
  • Play anonymously until you can get back in. It's fun to relive the first few moments after the big kaboom. Then you have a second town to pass the time whenever a server crash or error occurs (and there is an occasional one). If the 2nd town never gets anywhere it's a good sign. If it does start to build up then give it an…
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again...
  • Okay, it's like this see. I was scrolling though your town. Yeah, that's it, scrolling. Scrolling real fast. And Bob popped up. Right in the middle of your Brown House Farm. And I know how much you hate the guy so I tried to tap him for you. But as fast as I could scroll he was faster. Anyhow, that's why I tapped three…
  • JoshJeerer and spAndex were mentioned in game. Whether you're fans or not of one or the other poster they are now part of the culture. OK name all these guys.
  • The pattern that I seem to have noticed is that your name appears when you graffiti a neighbour's 'fresh' building (obviously) then Frink appears when either a second neighbour comes along and cleans the graffiti before you can (rather than their name replacing yours) or the building's time has refreshed by itself before…
  • Wow, what a difference when you can see the whole thing at once. I scroll around different sections looking for the most suitable building to tap and don't take time to appreciate the whole thing. Well done neighbour. I had mine almost done before Christmas and now everything has changed. Oh well, time to get to work.
  • :lol: really
  • Maybe it's like water swirling down a drain. Because you are in the Northern Hemisphere you should have went from left to right. :twisted:
  • If you're going to make the distinction between playable and non-playable and count the funzos etc. (which I agree with) then you should count Maggie as a separate non-playable character even though she only appears with Marge and count Sherri and Terri as two characters (you decide which is playable and which is…
  • Hey superluigi333, Repost for ya. Misplaced the first [img][/img]
  • Here's hoping. Just a second..... the clanging has stopped but the dryer is still going. Much better. Shouldn't be too much longer anyhow. :lol:
  • I really don't care who carries who...

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