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  • 140,000. Still one item to collect for 3 weeks now. Just blew 31 tokens in a row tonight thinking 31 spins in a row would do it.... But no. No way am I going to spend money on this game in the future as a result. But hey, I won a homer Buddha in a mystery box which led to another mystery box which led to a parking space.…
  • Blast it. Had my tree near the tile. Was tapping the boxes and cleared the tile even though the tile was a good 2cm above where I was tapping. Thanks for accepting my friend request Chone-si but unfortunately I now have to wait another 3 and a half days for a new tile! What a silly billy.
  • I think most people thought the tile tapping glitch had stopped. I know I did but I'll happily help by clicking the tile
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