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  • I also beleive in a random coin rate increase. I had one coin a week or so ago, and now i received two coint within 24 hours. But I need'em! Despite 67000+ cards, I still miss ice god, helter shelter and mr plow.
  • This happened to me too. When I relized the squidport update was available on app store, I downloaded it right away and logged on. Since I also play on my Android phone, I dowloaded from google play too and logged on without explicitly logging of TSTO on the iPad. Android-TSTO said that the game on my other device hadn't…
  • My xp is still fozen. Been a week like that now. I uninstalled and rebooted twice, last time this morning (CET) after a mini update was downloaded.
  • Yep, happened to me too. I had the update during level 25, and just an hour later during social activities in other springfields I made it to level 26. Just a few points into that level the xp stopped dead. Hearts and money increase as usual. Xp has not moved since.
  • I seem to have the opposite problem compared to everybody else: my xp stopped increasing just after i reached level 26. It does not matter how many $ i click, xp wont go beyond 161 points. Money and hearts increase, though. Edit: problem remains despite reinstall and restart. Ios 6.1 ipad 3.
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