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  • Hi. I accepted a template town in my secondary Springfield. I think my level was nowhere near the actual level, the content was lacking and not containing everything that town originally had (but I did end up with the rich texan as consolation?) and definitely missing event content, but everything was laid out nicely. This…
  • My account was hit with this exact bug. This thread does not inspire confidence in getting it fixed. If anything, I am joining the angry mob.
  • @LPNintendoITA - Forgive me for needing clarification... Were you asking if other event items were from that episode too? If that's the case, I do not think so. The pagan part was about 30 seconds long in the beginning of the episode, and there was not much more in the rest.
  • "So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show" Notable episode, on the origins of April Fools' Day. God bless those pagans.
  • I would appreciate a PM. All I can think of with this thread... "It's a secret... Shut uuup." Thanks in advance!
  • Can't resist.Would much appreciate a PM. Cheers!
  • Ever since the crooks and ladders update, I am experiencing the freezing issue. I click start to begin the game, Maggie lands on the playdough factory, starts to fly away with the balloons, and the game freezes, with Maggie frozen. I have to force quit. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Same thing happens. The…
  • Opera stage. That explains it. Why is there no code to grey out the task/put the requirement... Instead of just vanishing with the opera stage stored. Oh well, thanks everyone.
  • Setting tasks early does work, if the task is a regularly available task (e.g. toy making). Before going to bed, I set all my toy makers to work. In the morning, I went for Santa's tunnel first thing, opened up the tunnel, and the first task was "active" with a Go To/Completed status. The 24hr timer started, yet, my toy…
  • Starting all your toy makers, waiting for them to be near done or done, then opening Tunnel 15 should work. I received credit for Tunnel 12 that way. Thus, for 15, that could trim the total required time by 4 hours, as I assume many will have to do 2 runs of making toys.
  • I'll admit, tunnel 8 threw me off when I looked at the 12hr task on one of the wiki pages. I have noticed that as long as you do not open the tunnel, the task will not show up on the respective characters. This is key, because then I cannot accidentally hit that task, and thus, start the timer. Going back a few posts, I…
  • Hi. Long story short, I clicked purchased once, saw the 90 donuts missing, no Pet Cemetery. Immediately went to EA. Then, when tinkering around with my feeder, I had the pet zombies walking around, and noticed the Pet Cemetery available... without the zombies, and for 70 donuts total. Went back to EA, and got the 20 donuts…
  • Hi. If you are considering buying the pet cemetary bundle, take out and place any of the zombie pets you own on to the game. I owned both, had them stored in inventory, and lost 90 donuts on the initial try. The game is suppose to offer you the bundle according to the zombies you have. If you have one, you should be…
  • From what I understand, the Trick or Treat task will last until the 20th. But, to get credit for the kids, you have to tap on the task book icon, and under the status, it should have the Go To button available. Clicking on the Go To button, it will take you to a completed trick or treater. Then you can click on the Thumbs…
  • New episode tie-in content!!! Must update!!! *takes chance on the reported lag* The game has been plagued by unbearable lag and a huge performance downgrade. Very frustrating to play. Visiting neighbors exhibits the same performance downgrade. Panning across towns will either be non-responsive or overly responsive (jumps).…
  • I feel your pain. My Witch Marge this past Sunday was working to speed up Moonshine for 12 hours. The total harvest time was nowhere near the calculated 12 hours (may have even been a full 24). I proceeded with the same route, contacting EA, insisting that it's not fixed, indicating that there are quite a few other irate…
  • Good to know that I'm not alone. I surrendered 75 donuts so that I can grow Triffids and Moonshine consistently during the day. Sending WM to speed up Triffids twice should get it done in 6 hours (the first will subtract 4 hours, and then the second will cut the remaining grow time in half). Seeing the timer jump back to 4…
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