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  • How does this kick off? My Wiggum is walking around free and is not triggering anything. I haven't had any updates since the one from the other day that removed Christmas. What gives?
  • I'm holding onto mine on the off chances they will be converted into something. Not that I expect them to do so, but it'd be nice to get some donuts for the leftovers. But I doubt they will. Regardless, spinning doesn't do much for me - I've cleared the wheel, and I don't need the cash, so it's either get next-to-worthless…
  • Try this advice, from one of the sticky posts in this section in this section: I can't verify if it works; I just did the force-quit and restart, and I don't have any haunted houses yet.
  • Same here - I think I'm at 350 or thereabouts, too.
  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!
  • So, mine's back now. I opened it on my iPhone last night and everything was normal. Then, when I got home, I opened the game on my iPad, it did another in-app update, and everything was back to normal there, too. So Wolfcastle and all his stuff - and his quest - were all there. So ... not sure what to tell you :roll: Maybe…
  • Speak for yourself. I'm pretty sick of Whacking Day, and I'd love to get rid of the snakes. (Insert Snakes on a Plane reference here.)
  • Amen. I'm very much over the snakes. Make it stop!
  • Here's what worked for me: Move to somewhere else with a different wifi network. I have a wifi-only iPad, and it was doing the glitch at work on our guest network (the only one I can connect to). I just went to lunch at a place with wifi, and it worked there - it did an in-app update when I opened it, and then proceeded as…
  • Interesting. I'm on a strong wifi, and can't get it. (I have a wifi-only iPad.) However, I also tried it on my iPhone - both over 3G/LTE and over wifi. Neither worked.
  • I had the same issue a couple of months ago, and it took three weeks of my yelling at EA to get anything done. By the time it was all over, the issue had almost fixed itself and I had missed most of the Valentine's Day thing. In the end, what seemed to work was turning off the game's notifications (go to Settings>Tapped…
  • Same issue here. Restarting the iPad did nothing; turning it off and on did nothing; reinstalling did nothing. I'm still stuck in this loop of "update!" > App Store > "update!" **** Ridiculous.
  • I'm having this problem, too. Didn't happen until I got to work and was on that wifi network that it gave me this message. I can't switch networks here - there's only one guest network. Any suggestions?
  • Add me! Daily player and catching up after an EA f-up. edwardaggie9
  • I FINALLY got a response from EA customer support. Naturally, none of the things they suggested actually worked, but it's a start. Here's what they said: Some of my comments, which I wrote back to them: It did not work in airplane mode (I assumed that you wanted me to turn on airplane mode yet keep wifi on, otherwise there…
  • So here's a story of a company that gets it, unlike EA. I have a digital subscription to The New Yorker, delivered via the iPad Newstand. For the past couple weeks, I can't access the app when I don't have a wifi signal. I submitted a ticket late last night, like 10 p.m. my time. I just received, at 12:30 p.m. today, a…
  • Day seven for me, and today I got a nice middle finger from the game - an alert on my iPad: "It's been a while! You should visit your Springfield!" F--- you, I'd love to. I submitted a ticket the other day and, of course, I've received nothing but the automatically generated "we got your email" reply. @bleuberrie3 over in…
  • Thanks for the intel, @bleuberrie3, and for suffering on hold and through EA's **** for the rest of us. I submitted a ticket on Tuesday, and, of course, haven't heard a thing other than the automated "we got your email" email. They really, really do suck.
  • Not my experience. Mine had nothing to do with Springfield Downs.
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