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  • Exactly describes my experience. DAY FOUR of not being able to play.
  • Thanks for the tip, although I just tried it and it didn't work for me. (I had one pending friend request and 52 friends total.) I even deleted the app and reinstalled it ... still nothing. Day Four now of not being able to play. What a piece of s&^% software.
  • Still the same **** for me. Every now and then it lets me in, giving me the warning that my other device didn't sync. I continue, get into my Springfield, maybe tap on one thing, and boom, server error. I'm really sick of this *.
  • Same here. Or, some of the towns have no valentines at all, just dollar signs, cash registers and menus. What gives with that? Oh, and I think of the 50 friends I have, maybe 4 are on the updated version. Suck.
  • Curiously, it was working on my iPhone 5. I deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled - that worked, and I don't think I lost anything.
  • Yep, me too. I'm on my iPad. Downloaded the updated app and played last night just fine; today, it's nothing but server errors. I can't even see my Springfield or see the menu to see friends. Nothing.
  • Wait, so you all can get to the friend screen? That's much better than me. I can't use the game at all. Period. Was fine immediately after I updated it yesterday, but now - right on schedule - it has failed. Here's the process: 1. Tap app icon 2. Get the Gracie Films intro screen 3. Get the Homer running from Cupid Bart…
  • Huzzah! It's alive for me, too! Working as of 8:30 a.m. EST (US) on 12/12.
  • Add me! Daily player, all houses Christmasy. edwardaggie9
  • I have the same issue - all friends gone, no Origin logo. However tonight (US Eastern) I left the game for about 4 hours. Picked it up ~30 min ago. It downloaded some update, but that didn't do anything. Some people just have their friends, because there were handshake icons over six of my houses. So it's working for…
  • I've only received that screen once, and it was yesterday and it was on my iPhone (I normally play on my iPad, but I thought, what the hell, I'll try the iPhone). Only time I've seen it.
  • Hm. Maybe I'm too quick to give Hibbert other things to do. I'll try that. Thanks!
  • Thanks from me for that link, too. I still don't have the hospital unlocked, though - and all my people have gone through the checkup. Any ideas what to do? (I have Bowlarama already)
  • Mine is back up - but only my Springfield. My screen with neighbours only has Other Springfield, and no Origin login thingy.
  • Not for me. I get the intro screen with a continually spinning pink donut for about two minutes, then the Bart "Cannot Connect to Server" screen. Epic EA fail.
  • So I guess we can take it that your game is working perfectly today, and has for the past four days? Lucky you.
  • Cold comfort there. Server problems for three days? What is this, 1992? EA is not some mom and pop operation; this should be fixed by now, particularly since they have paying customers. "Patience is key" - sure, but three days of this ... well, actually it's four now. And it's unacceptable, particularly since there is ZERO…
  • I know, it's pretty frustrating. What, are their servers running on mule power somewhere in a third-world country? Because this is ridiculous. How hard can it be?
  • For me, it began working again late Monday night, but since I woke up this morning I can only use my own Springfield. I can't visit others' Springfields - I just get the Bart screen with the server error. But my own Springfield works normally, although a couple of times today it has randomly popped to the server error…
  • Huh. Interesting. I guess it's all the Krabappel tasks I'm wading through right now. Skinner just offered her a "raise" and she's teaching classes now, so maybe soon. I already bought the post office so my $ is depleted anyway. Might as well stock back up. Thanks!
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