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  • Need more people, daily rapper who has a lot of buildings for friends to tap!
  • Coming back to the game after three years and 10 months away, trying to rebuild my friend list so a lot of room to add people
  • Darn schedules and sleep cycles have kept me from seeing movies especially as my niece loves the same stuff I do. Last move I went to was Deadpool 2, the only time I've ever seen a movie in theaters the same weekend that it came out. It helped that it was a second rate theater without the frills that the major chains…
  • It's been rainy, dreary, and otherwise bleak for weeks but we are seeing a rise in temperatures...since we had a mild winter with only a few storms the rain was needed- but we need more sunlight!
  • OP: I had the same idea for a thread but was too lazy to make one. Glad someone else had a grievance regarding some of the sounds. Lenny's and Ralph's audio tracks grind on me every time I hear them. The strip club's and Opera Stage's audio annoys the heck out of me, I hate the sounds :roll:
  • I am hoping for Kimiko! She hasn't been reoffered since the episode but given that she has played a part in the game since then and reappeared on the show last season I hope they reoffer her! And frankly while some new stuff might be nice, at the prices I believe they will go for I hope it's not too much new stuff...they…
  • More subcategories in the inventory. Anything to get at what we are specifically looking for is needed more than a zoom out.
  • I got two fences and after looking at them I don't think I want any more, I'd rather just put them as gates for my park rather than my stadium. I am thinking I might just say the heck with it and just spend my ABs now on making the last five players 5-stars so others can get their maximum payout from purposely losing...
  • Thirding this...especially since I would have won him the next mystery box :roll:
  • This storyline had me smiling, they really tried hard to make this one sweet and touching. If it gets and sweeter I might shed a tear or two :oops: 8)
  • He has one if you have "LIttle Helper Ralph" skin from this past Christmas...no need for the moonbounce if you also have this skin.
  • That avatar made the post, combo that is something right out of the wise guy's handbook :lol: :mrgreen:
  • ...have they ever appeared in the show wearing anything other than the outfit they have in the game? Might not be able to create a skin if there is nothing to base it on
  • I think it might even be sooner, we always seem to get surges in the evening hours when the US tappers get off work and start playing the game 8)
    in DBT Reply by efin98 July 2015
  • Congrats on the shout out, now don't let the fame go to your head :lol: :mrgreen:
  • Probably the Try N Save...haven't really been happy with owning it and only pleased that it at least helped add something different to my town. All time worst purchase was accidentally speeding up a brown house back when I started the game :roll:
  • I spent the most recent ones on two sets of seats. I am hoping to just save up to get two sets of lights but if that doesn't work I'll just get fencing.
  • I'd just nuke my town...if I'm going to permanently walk away(again :roll: ) I'm going to ensure that coming back is more work that actually still playing. And the posters are nice, but unless those came with a gift certificate with part of the amount I spent on my town I'd be bummed every time I saw it.
  • That's a rotten thing to do. The only reason to remove a neighbor this far into an event is if they simply have nothing to tap in their town... Good luck to everyone doing anything with the leaderboards, I never liked them and frankly I have little use for them. I know whom I want to challenge and I don't mind losing all…

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