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  • I keep getting kicked out whenever I try to visit friends also. Very annoying! I am getting friends visits, I just can't return the favor.
  • I crafted it already, super creepy. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it out, but I love the idea of putting in my spooky area! I've got 15 minutes until "collection time" so I'm off to find the perfect place to hide that thing!
  • I usually crash after visiting 2-3 neighbors. :( So, when I'm ready to leave my Springfield I go visit my neighbors :!: :wink:
  • Doh! :oops: I should have know that! When I saw the new monorail tasks I didn't even think about the recycling plant. I was focused on garbage and recycles. I was able to get the first tunnel within the first three days, so the extra blueprints were not missed. Oh well, life goes on. Thanks for the replies. :D BTW, Rich…
  • I have the same problem, I know it is turned on in my profile. ? This has been this way for probably at least a year for me.
  • For me it's guns. Guns, guns and more guns. I don't craft anything else. I have 7200 pick axes, 10,000 hats and only 3600 guns.
  • I noticed! :D It's about time!
  • Yep, me too! I usually turn on the sound at the beginning of a new event just to hear the event sounds, then off it goes (until I'm looking for Maggie, of course.)
  • If you had any neighbors go missing recently they are probably the nameless ones. I don't see TheSlayer on my list right now, but I know they can see when I've collected the prospectors that they sent my way. Just a thought. ?
  • I saw the request you sent and accepted it, but it made no difference as you said above. Hope they fix this quick. Being the weekend we may not get too much attention from EA until Monday.
  • I went to this link and added my two cents. :D I'm missing one friend from the UK and one from the US.
  • Neuroheart is missing from my list also. However I also haven't seen her on the forum lately either. That being said, theslayer you are missing from my list too! :? I tried to add you back, but my friends request is not working. :evil: Can you see if you can add me from your end? I can still visit danco214, but I don't…
  • Out of curiosity I just ran 20 tokens on each game to see what I'd get. :) YMMV! Since I don't really need chips or Purple Cards (what are these anyhow?!), and I do need Martinis and tickets, I'll probably be playing a lot of cards. :D Slots: Chips - 1945 Purple Card - 2 Coasters - 8 Key Chains - 14 Martinis - 6 Tickets -…
  • I think she is also from the tailgate party, I've seen others from the party in random places in some neighbors towns.
  • You don't need to be disappointed, you can wait and try swapping it again. I'm pretty sure you can have more than one daily task, as a matter of fact I think you can have three! I keep donuts and event currency, everything else gets swapped out. Someone above mentioned KL tickets I haven't seen anything KL related, but I'd…
  • Nice to se you back :!: :-) By the way, this is a bit disturbing :-o :twisted: :P
  • This is great! :lol: I am so glad this is happening now. The idea of nuking scares me, but this I love! :D Can't wait to start redesigning my town!
  • I totally agree with this. There are a lot of things to get upset about, TSTO is not one of them. :D They make fun of a lot of things! Just enjoy the ride!
  • The leaves, I get. The chips/crisps and now the hearts, not so much. I keep trying to tap them! :shock:
  • I just finished the tailgate tasks and noticed that my fans have rotated!? At first I thought ok, that's kind of cool. Then I noticed that one fan is now sitting on the BBQ. :-o :!: And the fan playing beer pong is levitating her beer! Anyone else with this glitch?

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