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  • I'm not a fundamentalist. Very far from it. And I appreciate the fact that many Christmas traditions have their roots in paganism. I realize that this is a winter event, and not necessarily a Christmas event. Personally, I have no real objections to doing a solstice oriented event, although I would much prefer that it…
  • "Only a very very small number of players post on this forum. Normally the most passionate ones. I bet EA is making the same amount of money " Fully half of my neighbors, who all play daily, are not taking part in this event. I find it difficult to believe that that is not a fairly representative sample.
  • I find it telling, that out of my thirty neighbors, daily players all, literally half are not participating in this event.
  • Ayuhh. The perfect embodiment of the season.
  • YOU may think so. But I guarantee that there are many, MANY players out there that agree with me; and many parents that would be horrified by this. And I'm not even religious, so you can take that out as a factor in my opinion.
  • What do you want for Christmas Johnny? How about a goat god for your Satanist club and a nice circled pentagram to summon some demons with? I could have lived with a pagan theme, but this crosses the line.
  • "It's no worse than the Halloween event, if you're worrried about symbolism and demonic content." Actually, it's a LOT worse. I can't find anything to even compare in the last two Halloween events, and nothing in either of them that is evocative of the worship of evil. And to put this out as a Christmas event is beyond the…
  • "Pagans aren't satanists. " I never said, nor did I imply that they were/are. "A goat god statue isn't satan." Oh, please. It's the exact same image that every nutjob satanist group out there uses as their idol. Just as the encircled pentagram is used by devil worshippers to try and summon demons. You are in complete…
  • Me too. What a bummer. I started playing during the last Halloween event, and never thought to buy the ghoulies until it was too late. I bought all they had for sale this time around. I REALLY wanted a Formless Terror. Alas. But now nothing? This is the first time since I've been playing that there hasn't been a souvenir…
  • I'm bummed. No wolf-rat-cow in the store. What a let down. This is the first time I've been playing when there's been nothing to buy as a souvenir.
  • My question is: who on Earth thought it would be a good idea to have characters fighting a giant toothed **** that squirts green goo. Seriously?! Is this why they ask for a player's age? How did this make it off the cutting room floor?
  • I'm seriously bummed that there won't be any pastel fences this year. I only started playing in autumn of 2015, and that is the ONE item that I most wanted to add to my town. Alas. :cry: (hint, hint: if developers are monitoring :wink: )
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