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  • I was thinking that they could give the generic houses - blue, brown, etc - a "back of house" skin - this would allow us to display the houses as we wish, and it would minimize the redecorating since many of us have houses "facing away" by obscuring the details with decos.
  • This glitch has returned for me this morning. As before, going to a neighboreeno or my abandoned KrustyLand reveals the handshakes/$$$/thumbs ups.
  • Well I was hoping for CCL or Frink, but I did get: Santa's Little Helper Luann & the Cracker factory Disco Stu & Disco Happy Sumo & Akira I was thinking about the film set and/or sherri & terri, but I wanted to save some for Christmas.
  • I voted for ToH 2013 because it was my first Halloween, and I think my favorite as far as game mechanics and look went. I liked the superheroes & terwilligers events, but I am not a big fan of the crafting/ingredient collecting that EA has been using recently. Worst event is easy... I don't get the hate for the ****. It…
  • I know I floated this a while back, a customizable billboard that would also function as a movable LZ (unless an event overrides it) so we could leave notes for neighbors. The only real concern would be abuse/inappropriate language/etc. It is a real concern, but if someone really wants to write something "bad" there are…
  • I am guessing the 7th (historically speaking) or the 14th, but the 14th is only because that Sunday is the first of the 2 Halloween episodes this year & that would make sense. But one of those 2 Wednesdays.
  • Did a nuke a few days ago & slowly putting my town back together. I figure I have until next week, maybe the week after at the outside (given the dates of the 2 Halloween eps) to redo the whole thing. Put in an "event zone" that I can keep cleared out so every new event I have a fixed spot for the new stuff, then I can…
  • Just did some late-spring cleaning to make some room for new neighbors, since the next event will likely begin sometime soon. Here's your 3-for-1 sale on neighbors! You can add: Fizzbin71825 Nettie80 cindy052806
  • I started to redesign my town around Christmas time, but did not like the way it was turning out. I made the decision that I would nuke in the next lull between events . . . but there really hasn't been one until now. And in the meantime, Brandine arrived & got knocked up, so I don't want to nuke until she has the kid. So…
  • Yeah that sounds about right. I was counting 45 as making sure I get one of each item available to be crafted. Extras are just that - I will figure out what I want more of if and when I get there. I just want to be sure we can craft until the 24th, not until the 10th which is when Issue 3 starts.
  • Hmmm ... could Issue 4 bring us the playable Sideshow Bob we were told we were getting?
  • I just want to confirm that. Otherwise my wife is gonna hate my alarm going off every 4 hours just so I can tap a building and get a cape.
  • So you can only get the capes by tapping the Superhero squad building? So basically, 1 every 4 hours. And you will need 45 just to craft one of each building that needs them. So unlocking the Collector quickly is pretty important! If you move too slowly, you won't have enough time to get all the capes you need. I figure I…
  • I didn't mean level 50 today, just that they may forgo a smaller update, give players some time to finish 49 & do some clean-up before they hit us with a big level.
  • The Valentine's Day update was never promised or even hinted at. Not to say it is not happening, but I know I would not miss it. I could see a mini-event next week with a lot of old stuff returned, a short quest line with a few new decorations, maybe a new building or character. I suspect that they are prepping for level…
  • So let's say that EA releases Tapped Out 2. If you have an Origin account, every item you have can be brought over, your level, cash, donuts, etc all remain. But your town design is gone - all items go into storage. I would be okay with that. It would make sense, since as Grog points out, the game engine simply will become…
  • Wondering if this is their way of making up for all the server issues that occurred during part 2?!
  • Just got the update . . . very tempting. My wife loves that episode so she may cave before I do.
  • I go to my KL when I think of it, but I mostly go just to pop balloons so I get my occasional 5 donuts. Otherwise it is a mess, and honestly I am not too concerned with it ATM. If I ever get contented with my town design, I might take some time to redo KL, but it is not a major issue with me.
  • My family and I have cleaned out our neighbor lists, so I can offer 4 new active neighbors in one post! It's my Cyber Week sale! Fizzbin71825 Nettie80 Cindy052806 Riker1701A542

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