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  • same goes for me. it's been two days at least since i've been able to get spades for tapping corn while visiting neighbors. like the OP, got them for the first few days, for the first taps, now none! not cool. come to think of it, don't recall getting any donuts for tapping their corn either. very not cool
  • level 45 player with a few open spaces in the list. i visit everyday and play multiple times per day. add me please forestdf
  • playing daily, multiple times... in need of a six or so more neighbors. [email protected] thanks
  • Level 43, play often each day and night.......have a dozen spots to try and fill.... not picky about what your town looks like.... i want your donuts.... forestdf thanks in advance
  • Add me please. Level 39. playing day and night. have a dozen or so slots to fill. thanks in advance.
  • funny you mention this.....just before I read this post I took a spin with the daily coin and got some more cash.... then I read this post and thought I'd die laughing that someone would actually spend real money to get these pixel items. I go back to my game and hit four towns to get passed and other thousand, take a spin…
  • thanks to MOST of you for solid answers. I get it now kind of figured it out too when i saw i suddenly got another coin. Thanks again
  • from the topic, lack of knowledge, spelling and grammar, it's pretty clear that this thread was started by a person that is at most fourteen years old. Someone that doesn't really get it yet. Don't feed the ignorant trolls please. Just look at his moniker. Please!!!!
  • i for one am glad the update is later this year. the mindless, numbing of tapping and visiting gets old for me pretty quickly. and, it allow me more time to do other life stuff. doing other stuff is good.
  • Turn on channel six, the President comes on the news, Says, "I get no satisfaction, that's why I sing the blues." His wife say "Don't get crazy, Lord, you know just what to do, Crank up that old Victrola, put on them rockin' shoes." Uhuh, Hey! Saturday Night! Yeh, uhuh one more Saturday night, Hey Saturday night! Everytime…
  • always on task to get to the donuts. I don't spend real money on the game and this is the only way to get me some fine, fine donuts.......mmmmmmm.....donutttttssssss
  • I was aiming for 212 and was over 201 just this evening when it popped to 254. bullcrap!!!
  • so glad i dropped three million on that giant magnifying glass yesterday. even happier that i still have two million left to cover this update. always keep that stash of a couple of millions
  • i got to work and tried to log into the game and had the server screen of doom over and over. i closed down all of the running apps, restarted and got right into the game again. I was not looking forward to another bout of lock out. good luck to you
  • i just got a second lemon tree and can't use it? **** is with that????
  • well, I'm back in the game finally. plus there was an offer or choice, i think for some catch up loot. I couldnt tell if the offer was for one free donut vs some cash since it kind of looked like it might cost me a donut, so i clicked the cash. Either way, I'm in again. Sorry to all for the constant * but it needed to be…
  • this has to be a bigger issue than they think it is. Three days with no connection with three different devices that I drag around the NYC metro area. Great wifi connectivity, mobile hot spots.....nothing. it is hard to believe that just a small handful of people are experiencing this lack of connectivity.
  • into day three now of no connections. two devices so far checked today with same issue. CAN'T CONNECT sucks to be me
  • still locked out of my game. total **** EA/Origin!!!!!!! If I had any money in this game I'd be really pissed. Just a tad more than plain annoyed. For now.
  • tried on the iphone too with no luck. three devices...strike out! account locked or something like that. yay for origin.
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