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  • I have the existing base with 20% bonus and the new base set up with 7% bonus from adding newly crafted trenches to it. Are the 20% and 7% global bonus to the adults and kids working at either base OR each bonus applies only to the ones working at that base ? I think the latter... in which case there are not enough A&K’s…
  • There are three groups of painted houses that can be craftable. In the crafting menu there is a pink set of 3, a light blue set of 3, and a lime green set of 3. What are the other color houses in each of these sets (pink, blue, green)? Ive crafted several sets, but I am short on the purple and red houses as compared to the…
  • I didnt have big stockpiles of any mats from last act, so Im trying to get some of all 3 mats for every 4 hour cycle. This process may work for you as well, and counts on being able to store Apu and Snake to reset the Craze, while Homer cant be stored: 1) last 4 hr cycle - Apu/axes selected as craze 2) pick 2 or 3 toons to…
  • "Badges? Badges? ... We dont need no stinkin... Badges" Sorry couldnt resist
  • I always finish on Mondays, It can be so frustrating - Last week, i was working against the clock Monday night, and still needed about 500 plans to get to 70k with around 1 hour left. I was exactly 5 glasses short for the 500, so I ended up rushing one character for 2 donuts to get 3 donuts and 5 tracks back - I normally…
  • leave a gap and cover it up w the donut shop or Honest Johns check out my thread from August http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10351493.page sorry cant make it a link on my phone
  • The mechanics of visiting friends is so tiresome, as mentioned in the other thread, its almost not worth it. I still do it daily to be a good neighbor. Theres over 150 characters to use, why set us up with crafting conflicts between SH crafting, monorail crafting, campfire, and the Hallooween buildings as to the characters…
  • I loved when Homer is running around the house locking windows he starts whistling the theme from Halloween movies and then Lisa picks up the same whistle while she does the puzzle. the adult costumes lineup with Chief Wiggins sparked my memory of the old Simpsons rip of Pulp Fiction where he is gagged up in the gunstore…
  • Im losing track pieces when moving them around , working in the tracks submenu of the Build section. I just earned the first 5 track pack in Act 2, went to place them on the new Tet terminal and "lost" one when i put one aside that wasnt 'connected' to the existing track line perfectly. Anyone else getting this happen?…
  • I bought the boatload +720 via Kindle w Amazon coins (a great deal if it finalizes) but donuts didnt show up in the game. I do have the Amazon order email, which I uploaded as a pdf file to the EA case... never got the 'we will call you in 75 minutes' phone call this afternoon Now 3+ hours with open chat window waiting for…
  • Things Im getting finally: Sleep easy motel Volcano Lugash Texan Kamp Krusty Film Set Fireworks Puppies maybes: Lady Justice DMV Limo
  • Blocko Store - oooh I wanted that one thing so much from the forsaken event that shall not be named.
  • Purchased a Boatload of donuts w Amazon 20% off coins sale so: Playing catchup - Picked up Witch Marge, BD House, King Snooky, Evil Store, Heck House, and 1 roadster, Ginger House w Suzanne Hopefully can conserve donuts now for a while
  • WooHoo, i got it today, and Hugo yesterday. Now to figure out a nice little layout w the DTM and the Devil Float . Sweating on the Grand Pumpkin, since I only have about 1/3 of the needed chocolate bars Gotta say i love the bronze bags - hit a combo of 3 wailing walls + HTS twice out of the bronzes - Yay
  • I used to be a freemium player only for this game, but now i do spend money (maybe $49 every few months) because i consider this entertainment and for me it is a good value for my $ in giving me a few hours of fun every week Do people spend $50 on PS3 or Xbox games , or spend even more to go to a sporting event that is a…
  • Best Halloween items IMO : The 2 cemetaries and the mausoleum have nice animations and make for a nice part of designing your town, and the current deal gives you zombies with them. The drive in movie gives you a character and it plays movies- sweet! The Ray gun is pretty cool too with a pink laser bolt
  • ".... and other than enjoying the animation of face-hugging, there doesn't seem to be any bonus payout or otherwise any sort of advantage to squishing invaders attached or not. They pay the same. " I am getting 3 probes when i tap a facehugger off but only 1 probe from tapping an alien just wandering around - anyone else?
  • Update downloaded and worked the first time it opened, but now crashes out every time, even after force closes Sorry to say also that the Amazon 50% coins back deals seems to have only been for last Thursday, and d'oh i didnt make use of it then to stock up on donuts (i left the game for a 18 hr nerd run to stock up on…
  • Well i picked up the $8 and $35 donuts deals and got the Carlmore mountain thingy which is good for another 3.5% . With the new cache of donuts I got Dr Nick who is awesome ("i went to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College") and the Mayflower for more multiplier goodness. Saving the donuts for later but really agonizing…
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