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  • Indeed, random players surely aren't likely to be in that state. Sounds like friends would need to go out of their way by setting that up to help others; presumably already being aware of an existing exploit which is now improved by the golden pickaxe. I'll leave some for my existing friends.
  • Barbarian (Clash Of The Clones) Dr Robert (Terwilligers) Respectable Moe (Whiskey Business) Mayan Homer (Yard Sale)
  • Have no fear. One of them might be the best game ever. The other probably isn't. Incidentally, it's also 90% off at GOG today. I'm not affiliated with any of the above. I mostly just complete the events; the only other regular activities that I still do are donut Daily Challenges, the statue movie at the Googolplex,…
  • Relax. You've reached the point in the game where the most rewarding thing to do is play it less. I recommend forgetting about rat trap trucks and instead spend the time playing The Talos Principle or something else of your choosing... :)
  • Hey, I'm glad that players are still finding my chart useful. I don't buy lots of mystery boxes anymore, so wouldn't know if they changed things. I did notice back in the day you can get repeated items if your game drops connection or crashes at an opportune moment after a purchase, preventing it from saving your progress…
  • This always happens on my kindle; can only play on iphone now.
  • I ended up with Act 1 and Act 2 running together for awhile. Seems unusual, maybe I'd been a bit behind schedule this event or did it happen to plenty of other players too?
  • Not so long - it was only 4 months ago! B) I think you're expecting it to work as originally released, however they've since changed it. That 'trick' isn't effective anymore, sorry!
  • The grabbing hands Grab all they can All for themselves after all It's a competitive world
  • No. They only walk across them on their way to somewhere else; in my town characters tend to congregate either in SH where I do have roads, or in Krustyland / I&S Land as they also like the paths there!
  • I've used tennis courts as roads in my town ever since they were first released. Didn't think they'd ever return in the same way, so I'm happy to add lots more now. I only have real roads in Springfield Heights.

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