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  • Need new Friendereeno's!! terminalim770 Had to prune those not playing anymore! :twisted: Thanks!
  • Same story, several of my friends seem to have given up and stopped visiting AND collecting. Need some regular neighboreenos who I can count on. Will tap on everyone everyday :) Thanks! terminalim770
  • Finally forced to update on iPad today, was able to eek out Blocko, Hugs, and sucked out fences during the 'overtime' Thanks to all I was able to do last minute egg trades with! Update is glitchy and juttery as hell though :( Nearly unplayable at times. Better get fixed soon. terminalim770
  • Nice! I have SOOOOO many baskets, but most of my friends have updated. Hoping to grab something special before I say goodbye to the bunnies. Also not looking forward to the glitchy-ness everyone is reporting? origin id: terminalim770
  • Have not updated. On an iPad, and EA says iOS won't have a forced update (hopefully for a while) I have SOOOOOOOO many baskets! 5 of each in my Springfield with 10 pink and 18!! blue in storage. If anyone has eggs to spare or trade, add me: terminalim770 Thanks!!!
  • Gotcha, I'm on iPad, and customer service said they weren't forcing i-devices to update. cya on the other side when i'm done grinding for eggs lol
  • Have not updated, hoping to suck out and long shots at getting Blocko and/or Bobbins. I lucked out with Father Sean, Egg Council Guy, Johnny Fiesta and Banana Dictatorship. Still need a couple fences though. If you have eggs to give or need to exchange colors, I have plenty of baskets. Add me at: terminalim770
  • Still need 3 fences, and I'm still on Easter! If anyone has eggs to offer (or needs to exchange) add me! terminalim770 I have plenty of baskets of either color 8)
  • I've got loads of empty baskets to fill for any generous neighboreenos who have eggs to offer or need to exchange! Add me: terminalim770 Thanks!!! And Happy Easter!!! (happier with a couple more fences and a Blocko Store :mrgreen: )
  • Hellooooo Neigboreenos!! I too am still rockin' Easter, trying desperately for 3 more fences and some Pink Prizes. If you have eggs to spare I have baskets to fill and would be ding-****-delighted :) Please add me: terminalim770 Always looking for friends as well. Joined while Easter had already started to I'm playing…
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