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  • Because they want coins and as you know, when you trade, the value of the card goes out the window because you can no longer auction it.
  • I am not seeing certain players being posted on the auction block. Buddies of mine are selling cards I want to bid on and they don't show up for me. What's going on?
  • In my opinion the Chiefs stand alone as the "cheese team" because their offense has no limits. The 49ers are really good with individual overalls, but we all know Madden is about how individual players impact the game. Like, Goodwin is one of the most valuable players in Madden and he's a 78. Seattle with Wilson (who is…
  • I'll record it for you next time someone does it. Your analysis makes sense if the AI wasn't so manipulatable in this game. Because my opponent can pick up that blitz with a TE and then if you cover deep they can still roll out and put Kelce on a corner. And when they roll hard to the side the CB in that zone won't pick up…
  • Ya, correct, there shouldn't be any faulty AI in a perfect world. But it's a video game so it's up to the user to find the fix. And there's multiple. And imo this isn't faulty AI because the DE is occupying the T and if there's no one outside of that the DB is going to come in off the edge. Just like real life. And just…
  • I'm also a top-ranked guy and I second what this guy is saying. Madden was the best when you could challenge guys in lobbies because the highest ranked guys were always going at each other and the games meant something. I dont know if EA_Blueberry has communication with the development team or not. But there is an easy fix…
  • This needs to be EA's #1 priority with this game. Yes, some people do it on purpose and they are cheating [Removed - CM]. But some of us have this happen to us at the end of a half and it needs to get patched. It happens to me when I am using custom playbooks, it happens when I am using NE offensive playbook and i dont…
  • You can also double-team that blitzer and they will pick it up most of the time my guy. My main point is, most good players have figured this puzzle out already and there are multiple fixes. I will list them again: 1. Double team that blitzer and leave your RB opposite to pick up the guy left unblocked coming from the…
  • Because Madden doesn't have individual assignments for O-lineman. So with an edge blitz, you need to shift your line or leave an RB back there to pick it up. It has nothing to do with how good your LT/RT is, it has nothing to do with how many you have blocking, and it's not a nano. There's multiple solutions to this and it…
  • MaddenUniversity, Thanks for taking the time to respond. FYI I am aware of all the gameplay stuff you said. Not to toot my own horn, but not counting pros I am a top-10 player every year I play. I am fairly experience. I know you wrote your response months ago and I agree at this point -- after the fixes this is the best…
  • ElSharknado: That sounds like a connection issue between you and the other player. I don't know of anyway to do that on purpose and it's happened to me as well. Just because you are hardwired and have goo connection doesn't mean that EA's servers are supporting your connection to another user adequately, and it also…
  • Moderator: So what you're telling me is, EA isn't going to do jack squat to police people cheating. SO, we then take it upon ourselves to alert people to GTs of those who do cheat, and then you ask us not to expose them? That gets a big CHILD PLEASE.
  • It's not a nano dude. You can keep an RB in to block (on same side blitz is run from - not the opposite side like your slides), slide your line, run TE sets, run Gun split sets with two RB on either sides or a combo of all 4. Your opponent isn't obligated to give you 4-sec to throw and just because your line in stock…
  • Haha thank you Madden for his 99 rating and wising up to what's actually going on. Kudos.
  • Axs2896Sxa6582: No I actually go like 3:1 WL every year and went about 50-7 in games against Top-100 opponents in Madden 18. I never quit, and I never throw deep on streaks because the game doesn't allow you to unless a corner who sucks is pressing against a top, fast WR. Solid, yet completely crap guess though haha. And…
  • When I audible sometimes my WR and G will trade places and he will run his route from in between the tackles.
  • Ya because we play Madden to use Andre Ellington and really care about using the real rosters with injuries. That's a ton of fun. So if your team's best player tears his ACL you can't use him for the entire season in Madden. I don't care about that anymore.
  • He's talking about bubble screens that glitch. Mine did the same thing the other day. It's the screen going to the inside WR on trips.
  • Ya believe it or not this aspect of the game is better in Madden 18. These are all pros that can make wide open throws 95% of the time. But this is why in online ranked games, I never use a QB worse than an 85 rating. And even at times, guys who are good players miss wide open outs or posts by like 10-15 yards. It's just…
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