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  • Just got done clearing out dead wood (players who stopped playing actively) from my friends list. Need to fill in those gaps. I play multiple times per day and am looking for active players (please - no one under level 48). If you are active please add: hellonnnew839
  • Daily player who just did some house cleaning and deleted a bunch of players who stopped playing. Add me IF you understand the following: -- over Level 44 (minimum) -- You know enough NOT to clear your city of cash ($) signs over houses! If you clear your city of those dollar signs visitors have nothing to click - so you…
  • Just cleaned out my friends list of players who stopped logging in. Add me ONLY if you understand the following: - know enough NOT to clear out your town of buildings with dollar signs on them (friends have nothing to click on if you clear the town of ALL) If you understand the above - feel free to add me as I play every…
  • Just cleared a bunch of spots from my friends list of people who seem to have stopped playing. Add me if: 1) you are a daily player 2) know enough NOT to clear all buildings of cash (you need to leave some $ signs for friends to tap) Add: hellonnnew839
  • I just cleared out about 15 friend slots of inactive players (some people just quit I guess). Need ACTIVE friends - I play multiple times per day and looking for active friends! If that's you, Add me ---> HelloNNNewman Thanks!
  • I just opened up tons of spots for friends (got rid of people who disappeared and stopped playing). I want GOO. :) I'm looking for players who are active and are on multiple times a day. I'm LVL 35 and active most of the day! Add me if you are serious about gaining GOO and helping others get it too and are an ACTIVE…
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