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  • I don't keep too many on hand. I don't KEM farm, I do rattrap trucks whenever I need some more.
  • I spend however many donuts per event that are needed to buy the premium items. I do not rush any tasks. That being said I generally finish each act early, helped by the premium purchases. In the past few events, the math works out that for the prize track you will finish a little early if you visit 4 times a day, with at…
  • If you get your husband's town to that point, and the storage can go over the 50 (like it should). I would try logging into your town on his device. The risk here is that it is something in your profile corrupting the install, and this would then glitch his town too. Although if that is the case, reinstalling and logging…
  • you don't use donuts to set players on the task. You use donuts to buy tickets (bypassing the wait time), then you have to use the ticket that you just bought to set the characters on the task.
  • I think this depends. Personally, during events, i visit daily during the week. But on the weekends, it's hard for me to get to everyone or visit at all, and if I do, it's randomly throughout the day. So I'll usually skip Sunday to align the visit times again for the week. I'll give someone several days to do a visit. Not…
  • I've cleared up room and am infected. Day 1 player. Visit daily during the week and most weekend days. Hokieborn.
  • I've cleaned up my friends list and have room. Hokieborn
  • I've found that when I send all available flyers, the timer disappears, but I still get them.
  • I'm curious about this as well. I already have the hangar from the space event (at least I'm assuming it's the same). I'd like another so I can have 1 in my space center and one at the airport. If I can't, I'll probably end up combining and making an air and space center.
  • Being visited by an infected neighbor does not guarantee infection I've been visited by and have visited a known infected neighbor and am still flu free. I haven't read the whole thread so if this has been said, I apologize in advance.
  • I've been done for a long time as well, but I really hated the grind of SH, so I use googolplex regularly. I built up to 600 of each item before this new wave of land and storage. I have more in game money than I can realistically spend so the cash doesn't matter. I just keep it close to wherever the current event landing…
  • also, the 1/8 2/8 etc is each note. you don't have to play it 8 times. So after you tap a stone check to see if you complete goes up by 1. if it has reset to 0, it means the note you played was wrong. if that happens, you'll have to start at the beginning again.
  • Most of mine haven't either. But if you click on the medal in the bottom right corner, it will bring you to a leaderboard that shows the number of fights. You can then click on any friend from there that has at least 1 fight to their name (that's how I've been doing it).
  • I would totally do this 24/7 because I have a high multiplier, but the XP Collider stops working for me once I leave the game after charge. So I buy the collider, go with bloodmobiles for as long as I feel like playing. Once I leave the game and come back, the bar still flashes, but the XP coming in is normal.
  • I'm hoping this means that events will utilize more characters, since newer players will be able to get characters on a more "as needed" or choice basis, then events can have more depth, and some current "high level" characters can actually be used for more than just their level update
  • While I don't have the ribshack yet, I have switched to only trading in the smallest amount of axes/hats to get the daily prize. I'm close enough that I know between that and bandits, I'll get plenty of clues to get the ribshack. This way I save even more hats/axes heading into act 2
  • Recently finished getting all of the land and upgraded the condos to what I want 1 at each level, the rest at level 5. I'm currently working on the Classic Mansion upgrades, I've got 7 level 4 and 3 level 3 (I like that I can still have the level 1 appearance if it's a level 5 mansion). Will be focusing on Business Center…
  • The taunt in that voiceover is from "The Waterboy" an Adam Sandler film from longer ago than I want it to be.
  • I got them all. Haven't decided if I'm going to spread them out in front of different buildings - if I do they won't match up - or if I'm going to replace my statue lined walk to the town hall with a flag lined walk.
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