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  • Firstly: Posting here doesn't seem to help. Neither EA nor Origin seem to read it. Secondly: Log a support call through EA's website. This way you get a case ID number Thirdly: Get yourself a twitter account and start making some noise. Send tweets to @easupport (who tend to just be rude and unhelpful). More importantly…
  • I have the same problem since Sunday (5 days now). Same steps, but I did get some replies from EA, the same questions three times, and they only time they were answering email was between 7PM and 8PM GMT. Yes 1 hour of support a day. Awesome..... After finding out the same thing as Taker (if you logout of Origin then play…
  • Try their twitter account. At least that way it's completely public and they can't hide @AskEASupport
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