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  • When I grew up, you usually found the Putt-Putt courses next to a bowling alley ... so I put it next to the Bowl-o-Rama and tied them together with the hedges.
  • I said this in another thread, but I'll repeat myself ala Grandpa Simpson. I don't believe there is going to be any bonus for hearts in your inventory at the end of this promotion. With both Christmas and Halloween there was NOTHING you could buy with your excess treats once you had completed all of the quests. This time,…
  • This is basically the same way it worked with Halloween. Back then, there were 3 kinds of "rewards" - TP, eggs, or candy. You bought things with Candy. You used TP and eggs to vandalise your friends town. SOMETIMES when you hit up a friend, you earned another reward. Sometimes you didn't. It's basically random and it just…
  • I know. I was hoping for some hot Lunch Lady action ....
  • GREAT! NOW I'm gonna be humming V V Brown songs all day!!!!
  • ::me bumps the boat
  • I have never seen a character with more than one valentine over his head. I have seen buildings with more than one valentine over it and that's because multiple characters are inside that building. Just to clarify, you do realize that the building the character is actually in has no bearing on how he gets the valentine?…
  • I don't have two towns, but I know that if I set a character to do a 4-hour task and 15 minutes later he has a valentine over his head that he hasn't "completed" his 4-hour task. Similarly, if I click to accept that valentine and 5 minutes later he has another one, again, he is still mid-task and the only thing that…
  • I've had characters collect numerous valentines while in a task. The only thing that effects it is that you have to collect the last Valentine they were offered. Once you accept a valentine, the building associated with that character is once again available for your friends to click on.
  • My understanding is that this was from the Oprah show ... She did a series of "Behind the Scenes" episdoes where she went backstage at movies, tv shows, etc. and chatted with celebs on the set.
  • If I understand you correctly, you're saying a character can only earn one valentine while he is doing a task? That has not been my experience. A character can continue to earn valentines from your neighbors as long as you "free him up" by accepting the last Valentine sent to him. For instance, my town currently "opens"…
  • LISA! If we get a merry-go-round and a pool in addition to the swings, I'm gonna need to build a bigger excercise yard at the Prison! And, yes, the reindeer is doing hard time. He was on the Naughty List ...
  • Yes .. yes ... I can see where that would get annoying.
  • The odds are ENTIRELY in your favor. You can't lose money on the Scrather tickets. Even though they are supposed to be "lottery" tickets, it would be more apt to compare these to Cletus' Farm or Channel 6 programming. You spend a litle bit of money and you get back more money.
  • Ralph is coming. He is apparently part of Level 26 that was mistakenly released to a few people yesterday ... and then quickly taken away from them. (I wasn't one of those who saw it in person but there are pics of it in another thread on this board.) And I wouldn't count on any of the left-over hearts being worth donuts…
  • Can't really confirm that. Most of my friends were added back around Halloween. The vast majority of my friends are in Level 25 towns and ALL of them (except my wife who basically abandoned the game back around Level 12 but for obvious reasons I don't delete) are above Level 20. That said. I can get into about a quarter of…
  • No ... unbelievable is that you thought your comments were so original that they couldn't be voiced on any of the 200 other threads with the EXACT SAME **ING THEME that have been posted since this update went live.
  • Did you already buy any of the Level 26 items? If so, did they go away?
  • Me either, but now I want to! The menu description is a RIOT! I was also glad to see this is a restaurant because I was already trying to plan in my head how to tear apart and redesign my "science park" to fit a Mexican chemistry lab into it! LMAO
  • I misread the Subject line ... I thought it said the Super Friend bonus was gone ... I thought, "Damn, I totally missed seeing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the game!"

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