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  • Had this issue once the event ended. Logged on here to see if there was a solution. Didn't even play the game for two days, went back in just now with the silly expectation that EA would have fixed this quickly but it obviously they haven't. Their ability to break previously functional parts of the game will never cease to…
  • Yes. It's just a very bad day.
  • I still love finding Maggie. I do the dog track without even noticing, occasionally do the drone scan and shuttle. Haven't seen Big Claw for ages but I always try and tap him in neighbours' towns out of habit! Lisa will be heading back to the eliminator once this event is over as well. Oh and I constantly recycle. In fact,…
  • Yeah... you're still in the wrong place though. Did you get it installed?!
  • The events are pretty much designed so a freemium player would have to log in 4 times a day for almost every day of the event to complete the prize track. Buying premium characters helps a lot, but having all of the free characters you need and completing event jobs 4 times a day will always get you there.
  • I find I've been playing at a slower rate for a while now. I was getting the Bart screen a lot so started putting all my non-event and non-junkyard characters on 12 hour tasks rather than 4 hour tasks to coincide with the event tasks and it seems to have completely fixed the problem. My problem is I don't get notifications…
  • Basically there isn't a "solution"' because EA planned is this way: this is how it was intended to be. The offers are - by all accounts - random and it just so happens that you and your husband each got a different one. As was mentioned above, unfortunately no one here can help you as this is just one of the places where…
  • I've never had a house farm and happily KEM farm. I started off with a bonus % of somewhere between 60-80 as well so it's not essential to have a farm or high multiplier. As long as you have enough characters and buildings earning you enough to fund your KEMs every four hours you're fine. The other posters have given you…
  • I've been buying up the mystery boxes for the Homerpalooza stuff I didn't already have, and LT Smash is my latest prize. Turns out he earns event currency! Not sure if any of the others do, although I think I would have noticed.
  • BUMP. Always the MVPost during events IMO.
  • I got my 5 donuts the last time I went in before this update!
  • Can't even get in to the game to start the event but forced nuking is disappointing. I nuked it and totally designed it 6 months or so ago, so that was a fun couple of days wasted.
  • He's not a good person?! That's not very empathetic! He made his original point (maybe in a long-winded way - but that was so that the theory was fully explained) and that was also presented as "trying to help" just as the OP was.
    in Pro tip Reply by jaddy1874 May 2018
  • Full box to start off with for me. 120 donuts later I have the Vegas Wives and the Miss Springfield bundle. Think I'll quit while I'm ahead!
  • The only way before the finder appears is to go into edit mode and hide everything apart from characters (or characters and roads). Remember they don't all stay on roads. They'll generally walk to your museum but some get stuck in various places. I get one stuck under the mountains by the beach which you can only find by…
  • I got the Duff Arena. Special Mystery boxes are my purchase of choice at the moment, so will get some more as I build up my donuts again.
  • I'm sure another recent event was similar. Possibly a new norm.
  • Quite a few from this event for me, been pleasantly surprised!
  • Thanks folks, I've opened up 6GB of space now so hopefully that'll see an improvement. And thanks devilhunt for the possible reason behind it, I always like to know the why behind things!
  • 4.8GB, which I would hope is enough! Might try a reinstall and see if that fixes it. Tbh I'm glad they're not intentional updates!
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