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  • Let me just get this straight. The only reason the game exists is to sell donuts. That's how they pay their employees, their shareholders and the energy costs of players like yourself who pay nothing. But you think they should take the time to alter the game in order to shield you from disappointment? When you are low on…
  • If you ever met Matt Groening you would know your pleas fall on deaf ears.
  • Why should I have to buy a PC to play a game from itunes? It's freakin' absurd! I don't have the money but ifvI did it wouldn't matter because I don't want one!
  • Hey that's what we're here for ;) I've pretty much given up. I'd have to buy donuts to catch up now. When I think of all the hard slogging through whacking day. In wish I had known they'd lock me out of a major update.
  • A lot of people have been locked out of the game for this update so there isn't a full community playing.
  • I was planning on buying $50 worth of donuts for santa's village, jimbo, natural History museum, Xmas decorations and cracker factory. I'm now thinking of real stuff I could buy with my money. I'm so glad I didn't spend it before the update. If it isn't fixed by Wednesday I'll thank ea for the extra Xmas jingle in my…
  • No it's not friend requests-it appears that ea has now zeroed mine out bu I still get kicked off the server after 10 seconds.
  • I've never seen a fix for this problem within updates. It usually fixes itself when the update is over. The only question is how many will be willing to play on once they've missed a major update like Xmas. I for one, after playing every update from the beginning, am done if it isn't fixed by The middle of next week.
  • How bout they fix the game they offer in the apple App Store so it works on apple devices? I know, how presumptuous of me to ask.
  • You can get that many off an "add me thread" in one day at the beginning of an update. How in the devil do we clear them if we can't access them? I haven't been able to access that list since Easter. I'm not going to get an android or PC device just to clear friend requests. Apple users pay a premium because we want stuff…
  • I haven't been able to look at pending requests in a very long time and I resent the idea that I'm expected to access a desktop in order to play a mobile game. If too many friend requests are a problem for the servers they should write code that deletes them for everyone over a certain number or if they aren't accepted…
  • We're all in the same boat, grin without. Apparently if you have a PC you can download a program from origin and do it that way. Still don't see why it's suddenly an issue for the Xmas update. Still think it's a coding or server issue.
  • I was able to get through the opening dialog with constant rapid-fire tapping. Couldn't read the dialog but not in a joking mood anyways. The server still kicks me out after about 30 seconds every time I go in. I'm just not willing to play like this. It's too time consuming and frustrating to hit a few houses and then wait…
  • During Halloween I got more than 600 friend requests. Every time I tried to bring up the list to deny the list froze. Why do they allow so many requests if it's a problem? Still though, server connections were fine for Halloween and thanksgiving so I have my doubts. I'll try to log on once a day for a week and then I'm…
  • I also think these new buildings that do nothing - calm wood, wax museum, NH museum are kind of weird. And I look at the detail of the first set of buildings like Aztec, king toots, evil shop, skips and compare that to the pet shop and other recent buildings that are just a lame sign and I wonder where this game is going.
  • When I compare it to itunes entertainment prices it's hard to justify. I pay 1.99 for a walking dead episode an hour long full of storyline. At some point one has to question the value of having an extra character you will barely notice after the storyline-if you even get one. If they have a cool task that adds…
  • There you go. FSM could take over Luigis and Homer could try to eat it/him/her.
  • I was so sure you were going to say scientologist hamsters. They alluded to your issue in a previous game dialogue which I assume means they're working on it.
  • I think I read somewhere that the dolphin is Jewish.

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