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  • I gave into the temptation and bought all the land. Now I don’t know what to do with it all.
  • Am I understanding that the only way to open up most of the new land is with donuts? Is there another option? I just started the quest line. Thanks!
  • Jbelknap. Daily player. :)
  • Sorry! I meant perpendicular. : I’ve been fighting a headache off and on today. There was the bonus land we got in the upper left corner and I bought three land tokens along the mountain and it’s still showing another one to buy So that’s at least seven rows perpendicular. Ugh, I need to go to bed. No more tapping for me…
  • It’s more than four rows. It’s at least 7 rows parallel to the mountain. I bought a few out looking for the edge, and I didn’t get to it yet. ALL THAT LAND! If we actually get to open it all up, I could recreate my KL exactly. I’d opened all the land, but my design didn’t use it all. Now I want to redesign my theme park…
  • I’m annoyed. My KL is perfect and where my theme park area is in SF won’t work well with some of the new stuff and I don’t have space for all of it. But I can unlock more land and get it up and running tomorrow. I’d have been happy if all SF stuff could go in KL, but whatever. No WiFi at work and I want to take screenshots…
  • As of right now, my KL is finished and I never go over there. I’d love some new content because I have plenty of room. I built my own theme park in SF with a concert stage, pirate ride, magic school, movie studio, and so on. I’d love it if more stuff could go in KL because I’d move some of my theme park stuff over there.…
  • I don’t care if I haven’t to grind on a five minute repeat, I want the rest of the land in SH. My theme park would be so much better over there, but there isn’t enough room. I have so much stuff that works for it and it’s annoying that there isn’t enough land for all the things I want in it.
  • You can also complete but not collect on your daily challenge for the three days before the new level hits and get a jump start that way, too.
  • The part towards the water is great, on the opposite side, not so much. Part of the problem is my iPad is dying - santa will *crosses fingers* bring me a new one this Christmas, but in the mean time, it's super laggy. Playing on my phone is better, but since the screen is small, it's hard to decorate. Trying to decorate…
  • I had the offer on my iPhone, but not my iPad. 120 donuts and a Halloween skin for $5? Auto buy for me.
  • One more thing - I also recommend nuking after an event when you think there will be a break before the next one. It's a pain if an event hits and you have a place a bunch of random stuff to participate. The point is to get it looking nice, not make a different mess.
  • Unless you want to redo more than 50% of your town, I'd store the sections you want to redo and leave everything you're happy with. Even then, I'd still consider redoing a section at a time. If you're groaning about/having trouble making yourself store large sections, then DO NOT NUKE! I've nuked SF twice and KL once (both…
  • I keep a landing area empty for event stuff. I find it's easiest to have a place for everything to go so all the items I need to tap on for the event are right there. When the event ends, it gets sorted into my town and storage. To prep, I'm doing decorating. I still have a few areas that need some work.
  • I just wish I could put all stuff from SF into KL. I have lots of things in storage and it would be nice for them to see the light of day.
  • I usually have one by the main event items and one by the area I'm currently working on decorating. The other two either go in opposite corners for ease of moving around my town or they go by Springfield heights producing buildings when SH gets new land and/or items. I think they're useful.
  • If a messy town bugs you, unfriend them. If a messy town is making it difficult to play, unfirend them. I like having nice towns to visit and I've unfriended a few people over the years because their town is crazy messy. I bet I've had a few people unfriend me when I did a major redesign and my town was messy. When I've…
  • I wanted a park in the center of town. (It's now off center, but that's okay - I'm not moving it again!) The first thing I did was find the center and mark it. I knew what I wanted on all four sides, so I started there. I knew where I wanted squidport and that I was duplicating the previous design. I'd mark off roads and…
  • I've nuked twice, both times from before the click and drag option was available. First time, we'd gotten a bunch of new land. The second time, stuff was a cluttered mess, over half of it needed to be redone, and I had a stuck character. It was totally worth it. But, I did KL one weekend to make sure I wouldn't want to…
  • 16% for me. It took a couple of weeks (a few months ago) but my KL is done till we get new content. I did block off the back area with a fence and put forest so I have more than enough room it expand if needed. And I put up a "line ride" from South Park so I can add another ride without a major redesign. I want to put the…
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