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  • No but if we were going to have Halloween part 2, they should have at least included that evilb witch Hillary to REALLY freak me out.
  • Pretty **** so far IMO. Its not that I find the whole topic so much offensive (though I do), but more that it doesn't have anything that I enjoy about Christmas in it. Want to put some silly goat thing in the game fine... but let me do some fun actual Christmas-y things too, otherwise it just another one of the same boring…
  • Lag isn't so much about lower end devices, its about a terribly coded engine and game. My new 1.9ghz octa-core tab 10.5 with 3gb of ram gets less than 1fps, which is way worse than my 3 year old droid razr hd maxx gets.
  • Ah I had no idea it was meant to work like that. Should have started burning through these rockets earlier then. Ahh well, only 13 wasted, probably wouldn't have gotten anything special anyway... at least I don't have to waste time looking again. Thanks much friend.
  • Neighbors don't help that much espically grems. You get at most 90 a day from visits and 2 per grem, not really enough to make a huge dent in 8150. Its the squishing in your own town that does it. You get 3 per squish and can have 80 up every 4 hours, so thats 240, how many ever times you can check in for 5min every 4hrs.…
  • Total mats need for the main 6 prizes for this event 1400 Broken Fences 1000 Rotten Eggs 950 Candy Corn 800 Gummi Bears 700 Chocolate Bars 350 Pumpkins
  • Wow theres quite a spread in materials for the main 6 prizes. I was behind on chocolate bars, but looking ahead I'm sure we'll all be way short on fences. 1400 Broken Fences 1000 Rotten Eggs 950 Candy Corn 800 Gummi Bears 700 Chocolate Bars 350 Pumpkins
  • Got mine yesterday morning, and immediately sent homer for a ride (which is 1.5days) not even thinking about Hugo. Heh so now I need to wait for homer to be done to resume getting the spooky house (homer is used in good son quest line), but no biggie I guess.
  • 99% of the problem are memory allocation errors (out of memory). If you check on the error logs in android you can clearly see the stacktrace and everytime mine crashes it is because of the same error. I don't know if its just because it uses that much and doesn't check for availability before it tries to write, or if…
  • Heh, how are you guys getting so many walls and test subjects. I'm at around 6400 probes, just need a dozen eggs for hugo, and have had 9 kids (+ 1 premium kid) running nonstop sinced it started and I haven't see a single thing other than the event currency, a missile, and the odd doughnut in my bags.
  • Don't think you are going to need the extra bags, but if you just want an extra trick-or-treater why not get squeaky voiced teen. He is only 30. He has been crap for me (1 gold, other like 6 silver), and takes 16hr but still ok. I got the gun for 150 at the start, hoping I'd get lucky with a 30 doughnut jackpot with one…
  • The event is messy, this approach would is too complicated for a bunch of unorganized random people. IMO the best way for everyone to win is for everyone to just attack with 1 nerd everywhere and let people profit from defending. Everyone should want to be attacked, and everyone should clear as soon as possible so others…
  • You get same for defending, more for success on attacking random than friends (by quite a bit) Best if you and friends both play often and use nerds on each other daily (and defend) for 20 elixer and 5g per defend. So if your friends are 'nice' enough to attack you, attack them back. Use rest on randoms. Failing that…
  • Need some more friends @ jbomb175 thx!
  • Needs some more friends @ jbomb175 thx!
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