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  • I'm rather proud of my Springfield, add me, but only if you have an equally attractive Springfield, lol. Add: jjjett2
  • Yeah, as others have said, it is the little items that make a town shine. I have my secondary Krusty Burger and Gulp 'n' Blow arranged so that a car could concieveably make it around the buildings, with plenty of room to spare. I wish we could have some control about how the buildings face, though, it would be nice to turn…
  • The Wonderful DeKalb, Illinois! Home of the Orange-bowl bound Huskies football team! That and NIU too I suppose.
  • Thanks Adam! I was thrilled when that Duff Brewery idea came to me. I imagine that people are getting tickets at the Gazebos and are then parking in the lot, hence the stop signs and traffic cones. Yours is pretty sweet too with the use of the pine trees and such. I like, lol.
  • Well, it wasn't a "saying" per se, but I did happen to find this hilarious, so much that I took a snapshot of it on my phone for future chuckles/reference. lol. Homer: "If there's one thin I miss, it's bowling. And the hundreds of people who died in that explosion I caused." Dark? Yes. Funny? you betcha. :wink:
  • I take great pride in my town, and my friends often say its their favorite, not to brag too much. I was fortunate/unfortunate, depending on how you look at it, that my whole town got rearranged when the March update came around and the game was relisted on the App store. I rearranged my town into essentially the…
  • Leprechaun: "That's right Ralphie! Burn 'em! Burn 'em all!" Audience: "Boo, Boo!" Mr. Burns: "Are you saying 'Boo? or Boo-urns?' Audience: "Boo!" Hans Moleman: "I was saying Boo-urns..." "What, did something crawl down your throat and die?" Barney: "It didn't die!" Duffman: "Duffman can't breathe! OH NO!"
  • This is getting really old. I'm out here in Chicago. I can't believe this is so commonplace. They really need to get their servers in order. You would think they'd have identified the problem by now. :/
  • The only issue I have with Dr. Nick is that he is 90 donuts! He, so far, is the only premium character without a building that is for this price. Every other premium character was between 30-60 donuts. I'm wondering if this will be the new normal price for characters from this point on. He is voiced, right?
  • Quoted for truth. Some friends I've gained during this update have excellently designed Springfields. Others are simply rows and rows of brown and purple houses dumped all over the place. Even though I have 2-3 of each house type, it looks well organized and more "townlike" over a dumping ground of houses.
  • THIS, especially for some of us out there that still haven't put decorations on their brown houses! It blows my mind that this is still the case for some towns.
  • I usually set my characters on their tasks as soon as I tap on them, this cuts down on the chance that I lose them. But yeah, this bugs me when it happens. I am especially frustrated when I forget to tap on of my premium characters. Nothing is more frustrating to notice when Hans Moleman or Duffman have been walking around…
  • This is by far the coolest thing I've read all day. Great find!
  • Thank you for this! I appreciate everybody's efforts!! This is a great list for everything we'll need. Any news on whether or not the coin items will turn into cash items, seeing as they're not "limited time?"
  • Well, I happen to think the design looks great! I think the only thing missing is a 30 min job for Homer. Remember when he "advertised?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TwR2SuiZDg
  • Add me! jjjett2 Daily Player with all buildings decorated (no volcano lair)
  • As stated above, pick some characters and buildings as they generate income. The nice thing about Springfield Observatory and the Aztec Theatre is that they turn regular characters into premium characters for their 6 hour tasks. Squeaky Voiced Teen is also great when you're in later levels as his jobs are in most of the…
  • You and me both. I foresee Gil being similar to Hans Moleman's quests, as he fills a simliar role. IF we do get him, I hope he's voiced too.
  • That's exactly what I was talking about! This is a social game after all, glad to hear you're doing your part! I've been a March-era player (when it was removed) and am so happy to see the game grow by leaps and bounds so far. I like this brown house "coin farm" lol.
  • Hans Moleman for his tasks tying into the show's history: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWOExbcYbl0 That, and I'd say The Aztec theatre is pretty sweet too.

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