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  • Yay! More useless things to win in a Homer Buddha!
  • Months? Really? Play more frequently, and you'll level up each week.. level up = free donuts.
  • TL; DW I made it through 3 minutes of crap before the 15 year old suggested a Blocko store (which we have in this update). Wasted my time. EDIT: Anyone with a Coles Notes version?
  • Ha ha, I got snookered the same way! I won a mystery box gazebo.. woo hoo... placed it, and they kept coming! I was like... how many frikken gazebo's did I just win?!? Turns out I was paying for the stupid things..
  • If they generate some sort of **** or whatever come this Halloween '14 event (I know... thinking too far ahead), then they will be truly awesome. Otherwise.... meh.
  • I'll preface this with - I work for a Class 1 railway - so I may come off a little biased. The conductor saved this guy's life.. he is so close, his head would have been clipped by the handrail/side railing. Then he wouldn't have been alive to post this video. And the moron deserves a trespassing charge... he shouldn't be…
  • Add my feeder town... lenkorules And my wife... erinlenko And if you're an everyday, high level player.. add this account jlenko.. but I only have room for three or four. Maybe more if I delete a few moldy players... :)
  • Only thing I've found so far is familyguygame.tk Found it by searching "family guy quest for stuff news" I'm curious if there will be the ability to add friends through Apple's Game Centre or not (like Smurfs has). I don't want to add random people to my Facebook.
  • Four days late.. d'oh!
  • Atta boy! Time for a fresh start with another feeder town... see how fast you can get to the same spot.
  • I like to call it a limited-time Easter Egg. The time is over... EA has changed the way the game works.. akin to the Lemon Tree. Now everyone can have one without fear of it being stolen. I'm waiting for the next fun thing that will be exploited by some, mis-understood by many, never-figured-out by thousands and griped…
  • Howdy neighboreeno :) I'm a house farmer.. so it's all about the white or blue houses.. used to be purple ones, but I don't want to commit to clearing my town every 3 hours anymore.
  • It hasn't been fixed. And keep in mind, the 'tech support' people answering most inquiries about the game don't even play it - they have no idea what the hell you're talking about. It's just the same standard answers, over and over again. Took them 6 weeks to 'escalate' my issue to a specialist (who actually knew the game)…
  • If you go to Other Springfield, and quickly scroll over to the Squidport... he's ALWAYS there. Even if you tap him, and go back in. Every time.. he's back.
  • Sweet, I got promoted too!
  • I could use a few more daily players for my feeder town.. Origin ID - lenkorules
  • That would be pretty cool..
  • Just cleaned out my friends list of people who don't play at least every week... EDIT: My main town is full of friends now. Sorry I can't add any more. Try my feeder town instead: lenkorules I'm an everyday player, I'll visit you every day.. plus I make it easy for you to find stuff to click when you visit my town - my…
  • Still waiting. "Rajnish K", "Rahul K" and now "Amit K" all seem to think that suggesting the same copy & paste answer will magically make the item appear in my inventory. I really despise customer service that just gives the same useless answers.. over and over again.
  • I missed the whole "steal the lemon tree" biz... but something along those lines again would be fun :)

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